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Wood floors or carpets

Whats better, wood flooring or carpets?

Dirtbusters Liverpool blogIt is 2020 and life is all about having a socially acceptable and lavish looking housing interior. It is the norm now, to make sure your house is as aesthetically pleasing to eyes as the early dawn.

All over social media, you will see adverts and online ads of different interior designing companies and how they make sure your house is as pleasing with the best and most feng shui of all interiors.

Many factors determine how your interior is going to look or what design shall follow to give the best appeal and simultaneously

provide utmost comfort as well. The cupboards, the ceramics, the doors, the furniture, and of course the flooring.

In this article, we are going to be discussing your floor choices. Whether you should go for wooden flooring or carpeted flooring. There are many different factors we will discuss, that come into play when going for either one and hopefully by the end of the article we will have helped you chose whether your floors will glisten with wood, or provide the soft goodness of a carpet of your choice.

Here are the different things you should consider before you make a pick between the two.


Let us begin with what we were discussing earlier – the feng shui of the flooring. Now it is not a surprise that wood will provide a more fashionable and pleasing look. They add a vintage feel to the house and happen to be more sleek and chic. On the contrary, carpets, provide more comfort to the step, even if they may not be as fashionable as wood.

So on personal advice, I would tell you to keep a mixture of the two, if you can afford to do so. Have wooden flooring, but coat it at random (well decided) places with a sheet of nice freshly cleaned carpet or rugs. Make sure the carpeting, however, matches the color and look of the room.


Once again picking up from where I ended the cost of the two matters a lot. Wooden and good classy wooden flooring is expensive, and at times people settle for less and buy laminated, cheaper wooden flooring instead. Sure it is wooden flowing, but it is not as elegant, or graceful as real wooden flooring. So, not cost effective. Carpeting, on the other hand, is also expensive, I will not deny that. But its maintenance cost is zero compared to wooden flooring.

You will have to spend hours scrubbing wooden floors and wiping every mark and making it shine. With carpets, you just need to vacuum one, and it lasts you a good 3 to 4 days, stain free. That also depends on the quality and color of your carpet. The lighter the color, the more it is prone to stains, the darker the color, the more days you can go without cleaning. Serves you right and time is money!


Yes, you read that right; health is a determinant here too. There are many people out there with asthma or bronchitis or very specific allergies, if not general allergies. The environment these people are surrounded by makes their conditions better or worse. Your flooring has a lot to contribute here. Now I know what you are thinking – “carpets are worse for people with such conditions” FALSE BELIEF! It is quite the shocker that actually, carpets are in fact better for people suffering from respiratory ailments or allergies.

Here is the thing: Carpets trap the dust and fumes and particles that might tickle your lungs the wrong way and do not allow those trapped particles to escape up into your nose or trachea, each time you breathe. However, with wooden flooring, it will just stick to the surface and be difficult to remove. So every time you will take a sniff of fresh air in a room full of wooden flooring, coated with all those particles that irritate you, you will cough and you will sneeze, and your eyes will water up – and, well you know the rest. So if some member of your household has to sniff around, you would much rather have a safe environment. Since we all know that asthma attacks, especially, if occur repeatedly can do more harm than good and lead to drastic unwanted results.


This is another factor in your choice making. Children, especially those under the age of 10 are definite to make a mess off of everything and make sure that mess spreads around like a virus. They spill juices, throw color, bring mud in, you name a stain, and they will give it to you. So if you have a household of children, you might want to reconsider having carpet.

The thing with wooden flooring is, you can scrub off the sticky stain quickly with good washing powder and a fast hand. So you would not have to worry too much if your kids are going loco and making a mess everywhere. Plus, there are more wooden floor cleaning detergents out there than carpet cleaning ones, and not all deep stains can be removed with vacuum cleaners.

So there you have it, a profound and very exact list of factors you should be considered before investing in either of the two – wooden or carpeted flooring. You might have realized that the choice you will be making will be insanely situational and specific to your lifestyle choices and even your furnishing and whether the floors even match it or not. This article was to help make your choice a little easier to make and to aid you in making sure – it’s the right one too. Hopefully, you got the gist of the situation and can use these determinants, to well, help you determine what your floors will be!

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