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Why vacuum cleaning is important


With the way the world is nowadays, everyone seems’s to be so busy.  Get up, get kids ready for school, go to work, come home, get kids fed and into bed repeat – repeat.  But keeping your home dust free is an important and very beneficial for your families health.

Using a vacuum on all soft furnishings in your home such as your carpets, rugs, sofa’s (including leather), curtains, bed mattresses, light shades, window blinds, car interior will also keep your fit as it’s great exercise too.


So it only makes sense to start at the top and work your way down right?

Choose a room and look up.  Separate what can be vacuum cleaned and what needs a damp dust down.  Is there a lamp shade?  Get it down and vac it first.  You don’t want and free dust falling down onto a clean carpet.

Next up – curtains.  It’s surprising just how much dust can collect on the top of curtains, especially if there’s not too much ventilation in the room.  Bedrooms can be especially dusty as we expel a lot of dry skin in our sleep – that manifests into dusty residue.  Nice!

Now for the mattress.  Strip back the sheets and get stuck into vacuuming all the nooks and crannies.  This is especially important if you have a mattress with buttons on it.  You may not see much dusty gunk on the bed but persevere as I guarantee it will be there, and you will be sucking it out. 

Got bedroom carpeting?  Most do as who wants a cold hard floor in the morning?  Move the bed – use some furniture sliders if needed and hoover the dust from underneath.  When I clean carpets for my customers it’s always an eye-opener to see the dust that builds up under beds.  Don’t forget to shift the bedside tables out of the way and get the vac under these areas too.

Stair carpet cleaning.  Stairs can be a pain to vac, especially with an upright vacuum cleaner.  A good way to clean stairs is to use the hose attachment of your chosen vacuum cleaner, but use this after you have given all of the stairs a good brush with a hand brush.  This will help open the pile up enabling you to get more gunk out of the carpeting.  Be careful though as some carpets such as Berber carpets don’t like too much brush agitation.


This depends on you really.  You can pick up really light and cordless vacuum cleaners these days and they seem (as with everything else in the world) to be getting smaller all the time.  The problem here though in my opinion is that they lack a lot of oomph.

Also, a couple of years ago some brainbox in the EU made a crazy rule that no more vacuum cleaners that produce more power than 1600w are allowed to be sold.  So they want you to use a low powered version but use it for longer – using more power.

You can pick up a great second hand Kirby vac on Ebay for around £100 – just look for one that’s ok to collect as the delivery charge will be a lot due to the weight.


Sofa cleaning  Remove all loose cushions and give em a bash outside (if you’re able too).  Give these cushions a good slow vacuum and follow this up with getting right into the edges of the base.  Suck all the treasure out that the kids seem to build up over time.  Invite a professional upholstery cleaner in once a year too.

More carpet vacuuming.  The carpets downstairs in your home will get more footfall than in your bedrooms so will need cleaning on a more regular basis.  Get the grit and other pollutants out from the fibres and the carpet will last longer too.  Don’t forget a yearly professional deep clean too.


Empty the bag once it’s a third full.  Don’t wait until its full as it’ll be a waste of time v as the dust will escape back into your airspace.

Keep the filter clean.  In fact learn where the filters are, especially in Dyson cleaners as they can have a few filters in out of site places.

If the vacuum cleaner has a brush bar, cut the hair and pieces of string etc off it as they do get caught up over time.

Choose the correct height option on your brush vac.  Do not have it so low that it is gripping the floor.  Raise it a little and create some airflow.  Airflow = suction = clean.

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