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Vacuum cleaner facts

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Facts about vacuum cleaners

Most of us have vacuums, hoovers etc, so here is a short blog post about them.

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Vacuum cleaners have been in existence for decades, and have evolved into a small fold up device that you can keep under the sink.  But the original models actually needed two people to operate them.  This contraption used bellows to create the suck.  We first saw this in the 1860’s. and was brought to life by Ives McGaffey.

Next up was a horse drawn dust sucker.  This was invented by Hubert Cecil Booth during 1901.  This was used in Buckingham Palace.

A lot of people still refer their vac as to being a ‘Hoover’.  This brand was brought to fruition by William Henry Hoover, and was the first portable vacuum cleaner that ran off a motor.

What vac is best?

Well in my opinion (and I have been a carpet cleaner in Merseyside for over a decade) is a vacuum cleaner with a beating bar and twin motors is best.  The beater bar lifts the pile of the carpet and whacks the dirt out of the fluffy stuff as it goes.

How much power?

In 2017 the brains at the EU brought a law in that limits vacuum cleaners to a maximum power of 900w – it was 1600w.

Good news for the environment, unless it takes you longer to get a carpet clean as you will need more passes with it.

Nowadays we see, although not too often ‘robot’ vacuum cleaners.  These gizmos aren’t too popular though as they really are underpowered.

What’s next for vacuums cleaners?

As with everything in life this particular household helper will continue to get customised so its aesthetically pleaseing.  They will also of course, become smaller.  But I think we will always need them, they help keep carpets dust free, and they now peform really well on hard floors too with their adjustable heads.

If you are buying a new vacuum cleaner, always check reviews online of the newer models, as some suck more than others!

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