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Tips for deep cleaning your home


Some have the luxury of hiring a cleaner to come in periodically to help clean up around the home.  If you prefer to get things done yourself then here are some tips to help out a little!

Tip 1 – It’s time to declutter the place. Or if you’re feeling brave just get rid of any junk that’s not been used for years (and probably will never get used again!) Once you’ve made headway decluttering you will see fresh space freed up – more incentive to carry on cleaning.

Tip 2 – Always start your deep cleaning at the top and work your way down.  Get up into the ceiling corners, light shades etc and vac out the dust (or use a micro fibre cloth on a pole).

Tip 3 – Clean windows make a big difference.  If the windows are grubby or have slobber off the dog (or kids) on them, give them a clean using 50% distilled vinegar and 50% water.  Let the sun shine through into your clean home.

Tip 4 –  Wipe down any woodwork with 50% vinegar 50% water with just a dash of olive oil added.

Tip 5 – Get stuck into the floors.  This means moving the suite, beds etc (look on Ebay for furniture sliders) and vac – dust the built up debris from the skirting boards, hard floors and carpets.

Tip 6 –  Once the heavy duty cleaning has ceased why not get all the bedding in for a wash.

Tip 7 –  As the bed is bare due to the covers being in the machine, sprinkle a little baking soda onto the mattress.  Leave it for 60 minutes and then vacuum it up.

Tip 8 –  Take the shower curtain down and give that a good wash down.  Get rid of any built up soapy stuff on there.

Don’t forget about the outside areas too!  Dirtbusters can help with professional jetwashing in Liverpool.  Block paving always cleans up like new with our high pressure washing system.  Flags on the patio, or imprinted concrete on the driveway will look great after a great clean. Once all the hard work is done, sit back, relax, and simply wait for the family to return and make a mess again!  Dirtbusters – carpet and leather cleaners in Liverpool

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