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The wonderful world of rugs


Rugs are everywhere, and we clean a lot of them.  From the usual rugs in our customers homes, to slobber filled rugs in schools we see them all.

Rugs can change the whole look of a room, define the space and create warmth.  They can be picked up relatively inexpensively from many shops.  You can even pick one up in the supermarket.

If you have a hallway with a lot of traffic, a runner is a great idea, as it will absorb a lot of this footwear.

Maybe you have hard floors in your home?  If so, rugs will be of benefit to your health, as they act like filters and in effect filter out dust and other contaminants in the air.  Its a fact that a room with a rug contains less airborne dust particles.

Rugs are on the other hand not a great idea if there are members of an older generation around the home.  Social services advice is to take them up as they can be a trip hazard.

I actually get work cleaning carpets in Liverpool when rugs are taken up, as there is usually a clean patch on the carpet underneath.


  • Wool.  This a great choice due to the wools warmth and natural resistance to dirt. Wool rugs also have a great ‘memory’ and so the pile tends to bounce back to position.  Wool is also naturally flame resistant too.</li/>
  • Natural fibres. This choice of rug will give you a nice natural organic look.  Take care though as the stain resistance on some such as seagrass can be extremely poor.
  • Synthetic. These new man made fibres can look and feel just like the more expensive wool types.  Yet they can be great for removing spots and spills.  Perfect for a lounge with a busy family.


When you first get a wool rug, you may notice it ‘pilling’, or loosing bits of fluffy wool when you walk on it, or when you vacuum it.  Don’t worry though as it is perfectly normal and will soon stop.

Spilt something on the rug?  Don’t panic and simply blot blot blot with a clean white towel and water.  If you can’t manage to remove the spill, call a pro in.  It’ll be worth it as you may have paid a good few bucks for the item.

Vacuum the rug regularly.  Make sure the vacuum is set at just the right level.  Take it outside every now and then too and beat it.  Good for you and good for the rug!

If you have hairy pets, get a hand brush into the pile before you vacuum.

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