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The Science Behind Carpet Cleaning

Spill on carpet that needs Dirtbusters


Did you know that there is a lot of science behind the science of cleaning agents?


Cleaning is something that we (well most of us) do on a daily basis.  The cleaning solutions that Dirtbusters Cleaners use are complex and require stringent training so as to utilise them correctly.  The last thing we want is to damage a customer’s carpet.

As an example, Dirtbusters cleaners use cleaning solutions that are detergent free, and as close to ph as neutral as possible.

Ph scale within cleaning products.

This is a numerical scale that denotes the acidity or alkalinity of a particular cleaning agent.  This ranges from 0 – 14, with 7 being classed as ph neutral.  If the item in question is below 7 then it is acidic – above 7 then it’s on the alkaline side.

It is important to understand the ph level of a cleaning solution as it will affect the way it reacts with a particular stain.

What kind of stains needs what kind of chemistry?

Ok, we need to ascertain what type of stain we are tackling before we delve into the Dirtbusters bag of stain removers.

Enzymatic stains 

These are things such as blood, greasy food, etc.  These have a high protein content and need breaking down.  This is what the enzyme cleaner does – breaks the content of the stain down.  The ph level of these enzyme cleaners is usually around 12.

Colour stains

Spills of juice etc can leave coloured stains on the carpet.  In this instance, we want to be reaching out for an oxidising solution.  This strain of problem-solver contains bleaching agents that help break down the colour that we can see in the stain.  Hydrogen peroxide is one ingredient commonly used in oxidisers.



Artificial food colour stains

If we discover that the stain is caused by something that you would eat or drink and is artificial then we will try a ‘reducer’.  If organic then we prefer an oxidizing stain remover (see above).   These reducer stain removers actually take the oxygen from the stain.   They usually contain sodium bisulfite.

Paint, Oil, Ink, Grease, Shoe Polish etc

If you have had an issue with something like this spilt onto the carpet then a solvent type spot resolver may help.  Although as chemistry within the carpet cleaning world has progressed, Dirtbusters prefer to use a great organic plant and vegetable bio-based solvent in this scenario.

If you have problematic stains on your carpet, call Dave on 0151 448 1797.

And finally!

If you do spill something on your favourite carpet – do not reach for supermarket stain removers.  Even if you have seen them on TV, and they proclaim ‘professional results’.  

If they fail to remove the stain, then the chances of a professional carpet cleaner removing the stain are reduced – as the shop bought cleaner will have altered the chemical makeup of the stain in question.

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