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The difference between carpet cleaning machines

Truckmount or portable machine?


What is the difference between different carpet cleaning machines?

When I first started cleaning carpets back in 2007 I was a little flummoxed by all of the different types of carpet cleaning equipment out on the market.

Prices of carpet cleaners seemed to range from £50 right up to £30,000!

But what is the real difference within these different variants?

What does a carpet cleaning machine do?

Well, this is straight forward enough.  The machine is what we call an ‘extractor’, as it is used to extract the dirt from the carpet.

The machine uses vacuum and pressurised water.  The high pressurised water is pulled through the carpet, whilst the vacuum part sucks it back out – along with the dirt from the carpet.

How is one carpet cleaning machine better than another?

Well as I mentioned above, the extractor consists of vacuum and pressurised water.  The bigger carpet cleaning units are generally run on petrol or diesel (as well as LPG) and have blowers that create a whole lot of suction.  These ‘Truckmount” machines also offer the user access to incredibly high psi (pounds square inch) of pressurised hot water.

The smaller electric run systems cannot compete with the fuel-driven machines, although the latest models really do work well.

What kind of carpet cleaning equipment do Dirtbusters use?

Well after years of using a petrol-powered machine, I decided to change over to a high powered electric model.

There were a few reasons for this, such as –

  • Better for the environment than a petrol or diesel machine.
  • The power is plenty to get even the dirtiest of carpets clean.
  • I don’t need to run hundreds of feet of vacuum hoses to reach my customers carpets.
  • High heat isn’t needed due to the choice of carpet cleaning solutions I use.

The conclusion I came to over my carpet cleaning equipment

It seems that most carpet cleaning is done during the preparation stage of the job.  The extractor (carpet cleaning machine) is there to simply rinse the dirt away once it has been suitably prepared.

This starts with a good pre-vacuum.  This gives any professional carpet cleaning operator with any machine a good head start.  We should always vac away as much dry soil before any moisture is introduced.

Next up we need to apply the correct solution to the carpet that will break down the dirt – different carpets and different soils need different solutions.  Use the correct one and it will make the rinse a lot more effective.

Dirtbusters will then opt to use a CRB machine to brush the pre spray solution through the carpet fibres.  This has contra-rotating brushes that really get into the pile.

Once these steps have been undertaken then its time to use the extractor that we discussed earlier.

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