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Steam Cleaning


Things used to be a lot simpler before the internet.  Ideas and approaches to different things would be passed down through generations, word of mouth and at the local barbershop.  But nowadays the internet has the answer for everything.

Problem is, it’s not always correct!

I saw this today as a prime example when I was invited to clean carpets on The Wirral.  The customer said she had been ‘steam cleaning the carpets’ with a steamer with a mop attachment.

Now she possibly was removing some of the soilings from the dirty carpet onto the device, but what she was not getting was a flushing action that removed the built-up yuckiness.

Steam Cleaning


Well, to be fair it doesn’t actually exist.  Carpet cleaners came up with the term steam cleaning as it can look like steam is omitting from the carpet cleaning tool (wand) as the water atomises upon impact (at high pressure).   This in itself is not true as true steam is actually invisible to the eye.

As carpet cleaning machines have become more efficient, they are now capable of creating boiling hot water.  So again, this is enough for some to call it ‘steam cleaning’.

I would not recommend anyone using too much heat to clean upholstery as an example.  This can leave irreversible marks in the suite as the fibes are partially melted and pushed in the wrong direction.  Carpets can also show this, these wand marks can be set and leave the carpet with a striped marking upon them.

So in conclusion, to get a really good carpet or sofa clean, the correct cleaning solutions, agitation and rinse are needed.


Again, we are talking about removing and rinsing muck from floor tiles.  These floor steam mops are all over the High Street, and they are quite inexpensive too.

So why don’t I recommend these?

Well, most hard floor tiles have millions of minuscule holes in them.  You cant see them but they are there.

When you push the steam mop across the floor, you are effectively pushing pieces of dirt into the holes.

After a while,  the floor will look ‘off’ or ‘dull’.   If you are in Liverpool or The Wirral I can help remove all of this build up.  But to avoid this just use a mop with a little detergent (ph neutral) and follow this mop up with another just with hot clean water.  This way you are picking the dirt up, not pushing it in.

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