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Stain removal


Have you had a stain on your carpet or sofa that will not shift even after you have tried everything under the kitchen sink on it? DIY carpet clean is one of the biggest challenges to a professional carpet cleaner as it can chemically change the stain in question.

carpet coffee spill

Products such as Vanish and 1001 carpet spot removers are not extracting the stain as a professional carpet cleaner would be.  These products contain ingredients such as optical brighteners and bleaching agents.  All too often I am presented with an old stain on a carpet (or sofa) that has turned black – because dirt has stuck onto the stick shampoo residue, as well as showing a light halo around the area where the shop bought stain remover has bleached the colour from the fibre.

If you have carpets and want to be prepared for the worst, make sure you have these products ready somewhere handy –

  • A few clean white absorbent towels
  • A small bottle of surgical spirit (ask for this at the chemist)
  • A container of gentle detergent, choose one without perfumes and colours that is safe for wool.
  • Use 1 teaspoon to 500 ml water
  • White vinegar (add a teaspoon to the detergant)
  • Household ammonia solution – 1 teaspoon to a cup of water


  • Blot up surplus spillage
  • Use Detergent Vinegar Solution, a little at a time
  • Work from the outer edge of the stain inwards
  • Frequently blot with dry cloths
  • See below for final rinse procedure


  • Mix one-part of your white vinegar with four-parts water
  • Pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray over the stained area
  • Blot dampened area (but do not rub) to remove any excess moisture
  • Spread several white kitchen towels or absorbent cloth over the affected area and place a weight, such as a heavy book on top
  • Leave overnight and repeat if necessary

If you have spilt something and are not too sure what to do, feel free to call me on 0151 448 1797 and I will offer you stain removal advice.

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