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Do you need a great carpet cleaning service in southport?

Dave Power at Dirtbusters has been carpet cleaning in Southport for over a decade.  Lot’s has changed in this time, as well as the evolution of carpet cleaning solutions, the machine technology has also come on leaps and bounds.  Dirtbusters have taken advantage of this progress and can offer residents of Southport a deep down professional carpet clean in no time at all – with minimum fuss and disruption.

Before any carpet cleaning commences, I will walk the client through the job, highlighting any areas of concern.  I do not just use one method of carpet cleaning.  In some instances, I will use the ‘steam cleaning’ method (although the correct name for this is hot water extraction).  If I think it is more suitable, I may recommend a low moisture clean (some call this dry carpet cleaning).
My cleaning price includes deodorising, stain removal and moving of furniture (where common sense dictates).
A professional carpet cleaner is much different from a DIY carpet clean, as these machines are simply too under-powered to clean a carpet in the correct manner, and usually, leave the carpet too wet for too long.
Whatever choice of carpet cleaning is more suited to your needs, you can be sure great care will be taken, by me, a fully trained and insured technician.   There is no call centre when you call – this way you are dealing with the person that is coming into your home from the initial phone call.

I can also offer you a stain guard protector after your clean. This is a great product that will help your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

I am also checked, vetted and reviewed by the Which? Trusted Trader scheme meaning that I have been assessed and by industry standards professionals and I abide by the Which code of conduct for your peace of mind.
I am fully trained by the National Carpet Cleaning Association, as well as keeping up to date at other training facilities across the UK.   Full public liability insurance, as well as treatment risk insurance, is in place.  This means your carpets and rugs are in safe hands.

The dirtbusters carpet cleaning method

  • Upon arrival I will carry out an inspection of the areas to be cleaning and determine the best way to ensure a thorough cleaning will be carried out paying extra attention to areas of staining which may need additional attention
  • This is followed by a thorough vacuuming with a carpet cleaning machine rated to industrial standards
  • A detergent free carpet cleaning solution is then applied either by hand or mechanically to the pile and brushed through
  • Dirt that is created is deposited straight out to the van outside
  • We can then treat your carpet with a stain retardant (toxin free)
  • If you don’t have access outside of your property for my van then I also have a portable cleaning machine which is a fantastic bit of kit for places with restricted access such as apartments etc – this is no problem you have no need to worry
  • A deep carpet clean (n a living room for example) can be carried out in around 45 mins with a typical 3 piece suite taking about 2 hours

More about dirtbusters carpet cleaners in southport

I am a professional carpet cleaner and I don’t just have one method of cleaning your carpet, however the main cleaning system in use is what is called the ‘van mounted’ extraction unit.

Effectively this system uses highly pressurised hot water and lots of vacuum power. Once the initial pre-treatment has been carried out the soiling removed from the fibres is flushed away to a waste tank inside the van. This gives us much more flexibility and power than a simple DIY carpet cleaners which you can hire.

I also specialise in commercial carpets, so if  your Southport based business needs a professional carpet cleaner I can help. I use a low moisture cleaning method here which dries within an hour.

In this day and age, we all need to do a little to help Mother Nature out and that is why our methods here at Dirtbusters are Eco-Friendly. This is also great for the health of yourself and your family and prevents your children from rolling around on a carpet that would otherwise have had toxic chemicals lurking in it.

CALL ME TODAY ON 01704 863 797

Some questions to ask if you are on the hunt for a carpet cleaner in southport

• Is the price a final fully inclusive price of cleaning, stain removal, moving furniture etc?

• Is there any kind of money back guarantee?  After all, if the clean isn’t great, should you pay?
• Can the carpet cleaner provide any references?
• Is the carpet cleaner van or truck mounted?  Avoid the low powered portable carpet cleaners – poor cleans and wet carpets!

Dirtbsters use van-mounted units

In order to keep any type of disruption to a minimum, I have invested in whats known in the carpet cleaning industry as a van mounted carpet cleaning extraction unit.  This has its own water supply and sits out in the van.  This means no noisy machine is brought into your home.

All wastewater is sucked straight out to the van too, so in all its a very clean way to clean!

And, did you know?  I can also offer you a patio and driveway jetwashing service too.

carpet cleaner in Warrington

If you have carpets in your home

• Vacuum with a twin motor machine as often as possible
• Vacuum slowly in all directions
• Invest in a stainguard (if your carpet or rug is wool)
• Avoid supermarket stain removers, just use water and towels, if not sure, call a pro
• Get some funky door mats from Ikea to wipe your feet on
• Got a busy house with kids and pets?  You should have your carpets cleaned once a year

So if you just need a couple of rugs cleaning, or multiple empty properties that need carpet care in Southport, all you need to do is pick up for the phone and call me on 01704 863 797 – 7 days a week, anytime between 8 am and 8 pm.

Southport carpet cleaners Which approved

Rug cleaning

As well as caring for carpets, I can also help you with any rugs that may need cleaning.  A lot of my customers have long piled rugs nowadays that really do need a good deep clean on a frequent basis.

Or maybe you have long hall runners that take a lot of foot traffic.

Feel free to call me anytime (please leave a message if no answer) and let me know what you have, and I will help with the appropriate clean for you.

I am not just a carpet cleaner in Southport!

As time has gone on I have trained in other cleaning disciplines.  Hard floor cleaning, fabric, and leather suite cleaning and exterior jet washing are all on the Dirtbusters list of skills that all residents of Southport can take advantage of.