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No residue in carpet

Carpet cleaning residue = dirty carpets

If you have your carpets cleaned and a soapy residue is left behind then its a problem.  It actually is the reason your carpets get dirty again quickly, as well as leaving the dirt and bacteria behind – as if the machine isn’t taking out the residue of the cleaner – it’s not really cleaning at all!.

Here are a few things to avoid if you want a successful carpet clean.

Shop bought carpet cleaners

Have you seen the adverts on television for DIY carpet cleaning?

There are a few, usually with a baby or a dog sitting on a dirty carpet, then what looks like a vacuum cleaner with water in it comes along and hey presto!  Clean carpets?

So what is happening here?

I can only imagine its somewhat set up.  

When a professional carpet cleaner does the job it involves the application of a cleaning solution.  In my case I like to use detergent free products – these simply break the dirt down in a different way to sticky soaps.

This solution is then brushed through the carpet fibres and left to dwell for a few minutes.  

That’s the part that is missing with these DIY wet vacuums.  No science – no clean.

cleaning soap residue

This is why DIY carpet cleans create dirty carpets!

If I go to a house and the carpet is filthy, then its usually a sure sign that someone has cleaned it with one of these TV advert machine, or one of the supermarket push along setups.

What’s happening is that the carpet is being loaded with a detergent.  As no real carpet cleaning science has been followed the dirt is mostly still in the carpet – along with a ton of soap.

This is usually followed by more ‘cleaning’ along with an extra glug of shampoo.  This creates a vicious circle.


Cheap n cheerful carpet cleaning companies

The adverts you see offering 3 carpets for £50 have always been, and will probably always be there. (They normally disappear after a few months and then another pops up).  Before these setups realise there’s no money to be made with such ridiculous prices they rely on fast in and out sales.

Cheap machines with no power to deep clean – plus no time to hang around will always result in carpets re-soiling quickly.

Internet homemade solutions

As we all know the internet has a cure for everything!  A lot of it can be helpful, but there’s one hack that keeps cropping up when it comes to cleaning spots off carpets, and that is the use of washing up liquid.

This is by far the worse thing to use on a carpet!  Within just a few days the spot will return but with it more grubbiness that has stuck to the soap.

When Dirtbusters can’t help 

I do get lots of calls off customers asking for help after a botched carpet clean.

The usual story is the carpet smells.  The smell is usually coming from the underlay that has got wet during the saturation of the carpet.

Unfortunately once this has happened its a problem.  The carpet needs to be taken back so the sodden underlay can be replaced.

Once this happens, your best off replacing the carpet too.

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