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Cleaning red wine from carpet


What’s better after a hard week at work than a glass of red wine or two to help with relaxation, until the dog runs in and knocks the glass over onto the nice soft fluffy carpet.

The first thing to do is don’t panic. The task at hand is to remove the red wine from the carpet, not to add foreign ingredients to the mess by using white wine, salt, talcum powder, Vanish, 1001 foam cleaner or Auntie Jeans special concoction. These added products will just change the chemical formula of the red wine stain and will need cleaning out themselves.


Towels, kitchen roll, babies nappy etc are all absorbent and will come in handy here.  Trick is always dab the wine stain and dont rub it into the carpet fibres. Getting water into the stain will help to break the wine down and reduce the risk of it staining.  Dependant on what type of carpet you have this may be enough, but if not what can you do next?

Call a professional carpe cleaner.  You may only have to pay a call out charge if the whole carpet doesnt need a clean.  This is by far the most sensible option as the carpet cleaner should have an array of stain removers to help.

Try DIY.  Not the safest option but you can try a small amount (1/4 teaspoon) of dish detergrnt with 4 cups of warm water.  Work this gently into the wine stain until you see improvement.  Once satisfied use plain water and a clean white towel to rinse as much of the soapy residue out of the fibres.

So whats the easiset way to avoid red wine from staing yout carpet?  Simple, drink it and dont spill it! Ps, dont forget that if you have insurance on your carpet and you do try to remove it but it goes wrong, the insurance company may not pay out..

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