Put the sparkle back in your kitchen with Dirtbusters Oven Cleaners Liverpool.

Our friendly oven cleaning technicians Tal and his son Sam ensure you get a premium oven clean.  The oven cleaning service Dirtbusters provide is guaranteed to degrease your oven, remove any nasty smells and bring back the oven back to life.

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clean Liverpool logoAs a leading independent non franchised, family run domestic and commercial oven cleaning specialist, Dirtbusters are professional oven cleaners who clean ovens on a daily basis across Liverpool and therefore have the knowledge, experience and equipment to do any oven cleaning job effectively and efficiently.

Call Tal and Sam on 0151 268 5079 7 days a week


Oven cleaning in Liverpool

With the use of caustic free biodegradable oven cleaning products, we remove all grease, fat and burnt-on carbon deposits from a range of ovens and hobs. The result is a professional deep clean that will leave your oven in a near to new condition quickly and efficiently.

We clean all brands and models including electric &  gas ovens, Ranges,  AGA’s and Rayburns, Dirtbuters oven cleaners are available 7 days a week.

We dont just clean ovens!

Most kitchen appliances can be deep cleaned – microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers etc.  

For oven valeting in Liverpool call Tal and Sam on 0151 268  5079

How The Dirtbusters Oven cleaning service works

Oven cleaners logoThe working area is protected with sheets so things are kept spic and span.

Anything removable such as glass and racks are placed into the oven cleaning dip tank out in the van.  The high heat and oven cleaning agents loosen up all the baked-on gunk.

Whilst the dip tank is working away, we will manually clean the rest of the oven by hand using various cleaners and tools.

Once happy with the clean, all pieces are re-assembled clean and ready for use.

We use a specially designed dip tank located outside your home that will remove all traces of carbon, grime and food from the removable parts of your oven whilst undertaking the inside work by hand with as little disruption to you as possible. You will be able to use your oven immediately after I finish.

We also offer a bulb and filter replacement service.

How to get  your oven cleaned the easy way

Simply call Tal and Sam on 0151 268 5079 – alternatively, click the contact us button below.

We need to know what type of oven that needs cleaning, is it a single oven, hob etc?

Get the price, arrange a time and in no time at all, you’ll be cooking in a gleaming oven again!

We don’t have a price list for oven cleaning as there are a few variables for each customer.  All cleans include a full deep clean.  Not just a maintenance clean.   For a price just call!

Great oven cleaner in Liverpool

Single Ovens

Glass removed, racks and trays put in our dip tank.
Liverpool oven cleaning service

Double Ovens

Stripped and deep cleaned in around 1.5 hours.
Cooker valet Merseyside

Range Style Oven

Tricky for a homeowner. We have the knowledge to restoratively clean these.
Liverpool oven cleaners Dirtbusters

Aga Style Oven

A popular choice in larger homes. We can really help with these cookers.

Oven Cleaning Reviews

  • Double oven and hob clean Childwall L16

    Our oven and hob looks like new.  Absolutley delighted with the efficient service received by Tal and Sam.

    Joan Humpheries
  • Single oven clean Woolton L25

    Fantastic oven clean from a very polite man.  10/10.

    Francis Powell

Some common questions we get asked

“Do the oven cleaning solutions smell?”

No, Dirtbusters us non-toxic and non-caustic cleaning solutions.  These create no nasty fumes.  

“What parts of the oven can you not clean?”

All areas are deep cleaned, most parts are removed to the dip tank in the van. If as an example something looks damaged, it may be left as too not damage it any further – such as cracked glass on the door.

“Can you clean the stainless steel?”

Yes of course, and it will be polished too.

“Will the kitchen floor get dirty?”

No, we take care in covering all areas that are used.

“How soon after cleaning the oven can I use it?”

Straight away.  There is no nasty chemical residue left behind.  Just a shiny clean oven!

Washing machine, Dishwasher & Microwave Cleaning

Oven Cleaners

dishwasher valetDishwasher clean

Get rid of built-up grime in your dishwasher with a deep clean.  (This is only available as an add-on service to our oven cleaning clients.)

  • No toxic cleaning agents.
  • You can use the dishwasher straight after the clean.
  • Filters cleaned and metalwork polished.

Microwave polishMicrowave valet

Another great add on to your cooker valet.  Just mention when booking your oven clean that you also need the microwave cleaning too!

  • No corrosive cleaning agents.
  • Cleaned to a smear free shine.
  • Metalwork polished with our oils.

Washing machine cleanWashing machine refresh

In a similar fashion to our dishwasher cleaning service, your washing machine seals, nooks and crannies are all valeted.

  • A descaler is run through a short cycle.
  • Soap draw is removed and cleaned out.
  • Appliance is left bright and smelling clean.

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