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Range Oven clean

Family Company

Dirtbusters oven cleaners are not a national  franchise

Oven cleaning in St Helens includes a free descaler bottle

Free Cleaner!

All of our oven cleaning clients get a complimentary bottle of cleaner/degreaser.

Award winning oven cleaning service in Liverpool

Family Oven Cleaning Business In Liverpool

At Dirtbusters, we can cover all your oven cleaning needs. We are a family-operated business, taking great pride in delivering comprehensive oven cleaning services throughout all areas of Liverpool. Our proven oven cleaning system, perfected by Tal and Sam, ensures the elimination of unpleasant odours and the thorough degreasing of your oven, hob, and extractor fan. Your kitchen appliances will regain their pristine appearance in no time!

As an esteemed independent, non-franchised specialist in both domestic and commercial oven cleaning across Liverpool, Dirtbusters diligently tackles oven cleaning tasks every day.  With a wealth of knowledge, hands-on experience, and top-notch equipment, we are well-equipped to handle any oven cleaning job with effectiveness and efficiency.

Call Tal and Sam on 0151 268 5079 7 days a week.

Oven cleaners by Dirtbusters in Liverpool

Professional oven cleaning

Our skilled team at Dirtbusters is dedicated to providing a highly professional oven cleaning service for an extensive range of kitchen appliances. We specialise in cleaning various brands and models, including electric and gas ovens, Ranges, AGA’s, and Rayburns. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by the availability of our dedicated oven cleaners Monday to Friday, ensuring that you can schedule a service at your convenience.

When you choose Dirtbusters, you’re opting for more than just a cleaning service – you’re selecting a thorough and professional oven cleaning experience. We pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail, using advanced techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure that your kitchen appliances not only look immaculate but also function at their best. Trust us to revitalise your oven and bring a fresh, clean sparkle to your kitchen.

Why Use A Professional Oven Cleaner?

Selecting a professional oven cleaner like Dirtbusters provides a multitude of benefits that surpass what standard household products and DIY methods can offer.

1. **Cutting-edge Cleaning Agents:** Dirtbusters employs professional oven cleaning products featuring powerful chemicals that excel in breaking down stubborn grease and baked-on residues, outclassing typical household cleaners.

2. **Time-Saving Expertise:** By opting for professional cleaners, you save both time and effort. They efficiently tackle persistent dirt and grease, eliminating the need for labor-intensive scrubbing and scraping that often accompanies DIY approaches.

3. **Consistent Excellence:** Crafted for dependable and uniform results, professional oven cleaning agents, like those used by Dirtbusters, undergo rigorous development and testing. This ensures effective performance on various oven types, guaranteeing a deep and thorough clean on every occasion.

4. **Prioritised Safety:** Despite the strength of the chemicals involved, professional oven cleaners prioritise safety. Clear usage instructions, safety precautions, and recommended protective gear are provided, minimising the risk of harm during the cleaning process.

5. **Prolonged Appliance Lifespan:** Regular professional oven cleaning isn’t just about aesthetics; it safeguards the oven’s heating elements, seals, and other components. This preservation contributes to enhanced performance and a prolonged lifespan for your oven.

6. **Enhanced Aesthetics and Hygiene:** Beyond a visually appealing kitchen, a professionally cleaned oven plays a crucial role in maintaining hygiene. A cleaner oven reduces the risk of cross-contamination and food-borne illnesses, creating a safer and more visually pleasing culinary environment for you and your family.

How To Get Your Oven Cleaned The Easy Way

Simply call Tal and Sam on 0151 268 5079 – alternatively, click the contact us button below.

We need to know what type of oven that needs cleaning, is it a single oven, hob, etc?

Get the price, arrange a time, and in no time at all, you’ll be cooking in a gleaming oven again!

We don’t have a price list for oven cleaning in Liverpool as there are a few variables for each customer.  All cleans include a full deep clean.  Not just a maintenance clean.   For a price just call us!

Great oven cleaner in Liverpool

Single Ovens

Glass removed, racks and trays put in our dip tank.
Liverpool oven cleaning service

Double Ovens

Stripped and deep cleaned in around 1.5 hours.
Cooker valet Merseyside

Range Style Oven

Tricky for a homeowner. We have the knowledge to restoratively clean these.
Liverpool oven cleaners Dirtbusters

Aga Style Oven

A popular choice in larger homes. We can really help with these cookers.

Oven Cleaning Reviews

Some Common Questions We Get Asked

Washing machine, Dishwasher & Microwave Cleaning

Dirtbusters Manchester Logo
Oven deep clean Woolton Liverpool

Dishwasher clean

Get rid of built-up grime in your dishwasher with a deep clean.  (This is only available as an add-on service to our oven cleaning clients.)

  • No toxic cleaning agents.
  • You can use the dishwasher straight after the clean.
  • Filters cleaned and metalwork polished.

Microwave Valet

Another great add on to your cooker valet.  Just mention when booking your oven clean that you also need the microwave cleaning too!

  • No corrosive cleaning agents.
  • Cleaned to a smear free shine.
  • Metalwork polished with our oils.


Valeting an oven Childwall Liverpool
Greasy oven cleaned Formby Liverpool

Washing Machine Refresh

In a similar fashion to our dishwasher cleaning service, your washing machine seals, nooks and crannies are all valeted.

  • A descaler is run through a short cycle.
  • Soap draw is removed and cleaned out.
  • Appliance is left bright and smelling clean.

Dirtbusters Oven Cleaners Terms & Conditions

We want our customers to be 100% happy with their oven clean. If you have any problems, these should be raised within 12 hours of the clean.

If we cannot make an appointment, we will always rearrange at a mutually convenient time and date.

Any cancellations by the client must be made within 48 hours or a £40 charge will be made.

If Dirtbusters arrive at your home at the agreed time and no one is in, we will wait 15 minutes.  We will call the telephone number provided.  If there is still no access we will charge the full amount of the clean.

Sparkling oven and hob in Liverpool city centre

More Cleaning Services From Dirtbusters

Over many years we have trained and gained a great reputation in more cleaning services, such as – 

Dirtbusters also Jet wash

Power Washing

Amtico floor being polished

Amtico Restoring

Upholstery being deep cleaned

Sofa Cleaning

Dirtbusters showing leather being cleaned

Leather Cleaning