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Oil stains on block paving


The Dirtbusters jetwash team have been busy working in the Aigburth area of Liverpool today. Our cleaning mission today was to clean a block paving path.

The path in question had multiple oil stains and had not been cleaned in any way for over 10 years. Now that’s a long time and this path was DIRTY !!

Part of the reason this floor was so dirty is the fact that the area is close to a very busy road, with lots of pollution.

The customer asked us to ‘ do the best we could’ and had low expectations of how well we would be able to clean the block paved pathway, now we like a cleaning challenge but oil on blocks can be troublesome.


The first step was to remove all plant pots of which there were 10.

We photographed their position first to enable us to put them back in the correct order – after all detail is everything.

Next step was to treat problematic oil stains with a biological environmentally friendly oil stain remover. This particular product utilises the power of live bacteria that literally eat the oil up. We always leave this to dwell for 15mins to let the product do its work.

The whole path was then treated to a high-pressure wash using the latest  Whirlaway technology. This cleaning system encapsulates most of the dirt and grime saving on time and mess. To finish a high power turbo lance is utilised to get to those ‘hard to reach areas’ e.g. 90-degree corners and suborn stains.

Once the specialist jetwash clean is complete, the Dirtbusters jetwashing team return all plant pots to their rightful position.

To finish we polish all glass and PVC window frames with professional glass polish and micro fibre clothes.


After allowing to dry for 24hrs Golden colour Kiln Dried Sand is applied carefully with a soft brush. This regrouts the blocks and adds an attractive aesthetic to the blocks. It also provides a buffer in between each individual block to stop movement and to inhibit weed growth.

Result customer astounded – job done!

We are often also asked to remove oil from drives in Liverpool for car dealerships when oil changes go wrong.  If you fall foul to this please don’t start adding detergents to the oil as it actually makes professionally removing the mess even harder.

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