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We should opt for natural cleaning products in order to create a natural home. These options can save us time, money and reduce negative chemical exposure. There are several methods which can be used. This can be in the term of substances or personal techniques. Examples are:

There are several methods which can be used.  This can be in the terms of substances or personal techniques. Examples are:


This is made by using citrus peels and vinegar.  Fill a container with citrus peels (organic is the best choice) and pour white vinegar (undiluted) over these peels.  Leave the mixture for approximately three days and then strain out the vinegar to use as a great natural cleaner. When diluted with water, it can be used to clean windows, mopping floors and even disinfecting surfaces.  More natural cleaning substances are baking soda, lemon, cornstarch, borax, natural salt, liquid castile soap and hydrogen peroxide.

Borax and baking soda should be handled with care because they are considered as mild skin irritants. many home cleaning chores, you can make your own cleaning products. One can also acquire non-toxic healthier and environmentally friendly products from stores and shops.

So with these products, you can carry out many home cleaning chores by making your own eco-friendly cleaning products. This way you can also acquire non-toxic healthier and environmentally friendly products than found in stores and shops.


Is quite a common solution for cleaning and getting rid of stains from carpets if it’s not a good time to call a pro carpet cleaner (Wine is usually spilt at night!)

Another mixture apart from citrus infused with vinegar that deals with stains are mixing the vinegar with water.  Put it in a spray bottle, spray directly on the stain, let it sit for several minutes and clean with a brush using warm very diluted soapy water.  Corn starch can be used to clean grease spots. Sprinkle the starch onto the spot and wait 15-30 minutes before vacuuming.


Not only clean and disinfect but also make a great scent. They are safe but can trigger allergies so one should keep this in mind while trying to choose scents. Lemon juice destroys mildew and mould, cuts through grease and shines hard surfaces as well as providing a great smell. Castille soap is a soap made from plant oils entirely.  It cuts through grease, cleans and disinfects.

Many of these cleaners can be used in multiple places, ranging from the kitchen to the bathroom and floors and walls. When it comes to cleaning the house, people are tempted to enlist synthetic products from off the shelf cleaning solutions with ingredients such as bleach and ammonia.

They work perfectly well but leave their damage behind causing multiple infections and diseases. You should therefore not sacrifice your health for a clean home. Non-chemical cleaners deliver great service at minimum cost.

Use homemade cleaners whenever possible for great results. Water works great even on its own, especially when hot.  These natural products can tackle any stain or dirt in the house. It’s important to note that while modern cleaning products are designed to make work is better to scrub the dirt off than breath in lots of nasty fumes.

These natural cleaning products mentioned here can tackle most stain’s or dirt in the house.

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