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Dirtbusters Manchester Carpet Cleaning and More!

You can get in touch by calling 0161 956 2551

Thanks for visiting the Dirtbusters Manchester website.  If you are looking for a professional, no-nonsense clean on your Carpet, Couch, (fabric & leather) Oven or Amtico style floor then you’re at the right place.



Dirtbusters Manchester NCCA Approved cleaning company

Dirtbusters Manchester is operated myself, Dave Power.  I have been cleaning carpets for many years.  Once I got established I was often asked if I could help my customers with Upholstery cleaning, so after training, I added it to my services.  Soon to follow was getting myself qualified to take care of oven cleaning.  As time progressed and my customer’s needs changed, I added Amtico – Karndean cleaning onto my portfolio.


carpet cleaner in Manchester Which approved

Beware of half-price carpet cleaners in Manchester!

It is impossible to maintain a carpet cleaning service at £15 per room etc.

Dirtbusters Manchester gives customers a FULL clean.  No added-on costs for pre-vacuuming, stain removal, moving furniture, deodourising etc.

The half-price carpet cleaners you see in all cities are usually operating a ‘bait and switch’ scam.  The ‘bait’ is the special offer, the ‘switch’ is upping the price – one classic way it’s done is by telling the client they need a ‘deep clean’, the cheap price was for a ‘maintenance’ clean.



We Do More Than Just Clean Carpets!

There are a few different cleaning tasks that Dirtbusters Manchester can help you with.  You may have a carpet or suite that needs a deep clean after being trampled on by the kids?  The oven may need a great valet after all the cakes you baked during the lockdown?  Maybe you have an Amtico style floor that needs stripping and redressing?

Great Value For Money & Family Safe Solutions

I always keep an eye on the ever-changing world of cleaning products.  Dirtbusters Manchester only uses top-grade, non-toxic couch, oven,  floor and carpet cleaning solutions.

Showing carpet and oven being cleaned in Manchester

Dirtbusters Manchester Can Also Help With Commercial Clients

As well as cleaning in our customer’s homes, we can also help with commercial high powered carpet, upholstery, oven and floor cleaning.  This includes offices, Schools etc in Manchester.

This could be anything from a small school office carpet clean, to hundreds of chairs in a call centre as an example.



Looking for fresh clean carpets? Dirtbusters Manchester are here to help!
More carpet cleaning info here


Its hard work cleaning ovens the diy way - let Dirtbusters Manchester clean yours the pro way.
This way for oven cleaning.


Wether you have a fabric or leather suite then Dirtbusters Manchester can help to get it back to clean.
Tap me for upholstery cleaning.


These luxury vinyl floors can lose their lustre over time. We can strip and re dress these in a satin or gloss finish.
Call 0161 956 2511 for information

Carpet cleaning in Manchester



This service is coming soon..
Patio cleaning coming later 2020


Expert Workmanship

Great Value

Complimentary bottle of stain remover!

Do you ‘really’ need a pro carpet cleaner?

Well look around you – are there children, grandkids, dogs and cats traipsing around?  Let Dirtbusters Manchester clean out all that doesn’t belong in your carpeting and get it smelling great! 

How can we help YOU?

It may be your carpets, furniture, cooker or Karndean floor that needs a little love.  Call Dirtbusters Manchester for help!  0161 956 2551

Manchester carpet steam cleaned

Dirtbusters Manchester are a family run cleaning business.

Bearing in mind we are not a national franchise, we can pass savings onto our customers all across Manchester.  There are no cut-price cleans – why is this important to the customer?

When there is a cut-price clean, the cleaning technician will be trying to hike the price up.  Especially if they are cleaning at half price, and then giving the franchise owner over half of the takings.

We clean carpets, Ovens, Upholstery and Amtico floors as if they are our own.

Tarpaulins are laid on floors we are not working on, overshoes worn too.

Dirtbusters know that the way to get repeat custom is to get the job done in a no-fuss professional manner every time.

Once you have booked your clean – 

If its a carpet that is being cleaned then please make sure the floor is clear.  We will move the sofa etc (as long as it’s not a massive 8 seater etc)

Don’t worry about getting your vacuum cleaner out before we arrive – that’s our job.

Watch out for your cat’s dogs and kids, as the front door needs to be left ajar – we run hoses in from the van.

Still got questions about our cleaning services?

Easy – just call Dirtbusters Manchester on 0161 956 2551 7 days a week.

Do We Use Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Well in short no.  The term ‘steam cleaning’ came about due to the fact that when the high pressurised water hits the carpet, it atomises and looks just like steam.  No one uses pure steam to clean carpets.  It is really hot water, with a rinse agent added.  Real steam is actually invisible and won’t clean a carpet at all.  The dirt needs to be flushed out – not just heated up!

There are different types of carpet cleaning to choose from, we choose the correct one depending on the carpet and soiling types.


Hot water extraction (often called steam cleaning)

Low moisture carpet cleaning (using cotton bonnet pads)

Dry carpet cleaning (using microsponges and a brushing machine)


Dirtbusters Manchester cleaning carpets and ovens

We would like to resolve any complaints ourselves and if you need to complain please in the first instance speak to us directly. However, as a Which? Trusted trader we use Dispute Resolution Ombudsman for dispute resolution. If you would like to address the complaint directly to them please contact 0333 241 3209 or via their website please note that complaints are very rare and we will do everything possible to resolve the issue for you.

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