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Leather Facts


There is a variety of different leather’s out there and here is a short post about them. Leather is made from a variety of different hides in different ways.  This is what gives it different looks and textures.  The way the leather is cleaned is determined by the finish of the product.

There are 3 main different types (or finishes) of leather –

1-Aniline leather 

is the most natural looking leather as it keeps the original markings such as scratches, and scars from the animal.  This type of leather is dyed in a tank of colour and is not post treated with any top coat (such as pigments or polymers).  Usually, the best hides are kept for aniline.

What are the advantages of aniline leather?

It can be very soft to the touch and can retain a classic look.


As there is no protective top coat it can be hard to clean. Head grease can soak into the leather, this isn’t really suitable for families with kids for example.


leather is very similar to the previously mentioned aniline, although it has a small amount of top coat protection.

Any advantages? 

In turn, it is a little more stain resistant and can work out less expensive than its big brother aniline.

Bad points?

The natural animal markings are not as visible and it is still prone to head grease and staining from spills.

3-Pigmented leather

is the most popular variant of leather upholstery that Dirtbusters clean. This is actually leather that has been painted and is covered with a protective (usually clear) top coat.

What’s good here?

This type of leather comes in a multitude of colours and is very resilient.  It is also fairly easy for a professional leather cleaner to bring back to life.

And bad points?

As the leather is completely covered in pigment you don’t actually see the leather itself.  It looks less natural than an aniline leather – although a lot of people prefer this.

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