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How we clean commercial carpets


As well of being full of domestic carpets, Liverpool and The Wirral is also home to mile upon mile of commercial carpeting – of which Dirtbusters deep clean a lot of. Commercial office carpets are usually of low profile construction and manmade. Most that Dirtbusters clean are blue, grey or green.

These commercial carpets are used in call centres, school, and clerical type of offices.  They aren’t really suitable for factory environments as the workers tramp oily footprints through.

So the main reason we get called into a Liverpool city centre office to clean the carpets is that the building in question is having an important visitor such as a director of the company.  Some of our more sensible commercial carpet cleaning clients have the job done on a more regular basis!  Another important point is that a healthy carpet helps towards a healthy workforce.


The method and carpet cleaning solutions used are decided upon once we have had a close look at the flooring in question.  In the main, the culprits that make the carpet look grubby are tea, coffee, printer ink as well as sugary sticky drinks.

As no two office carpet cleaning jobs are the same we do need to tweak the method to get the best result.

  • The first thing to do in this scenario is to vacuum the commercial carpeting with a powerful vacuum cleaner.  We find A Kirby does a great job here.  Lots of dry soiling can be removed with a good quality vacuum, making passes in all directions.  Most office domestic cleaners use Henry’s that don’t cut it on these low profile carpets.
  • Next up we may use the Cimex cyclone carpet cleaner.  This is a great piece of kit and gets office carpets clean and dry in no time at all.  We can clean 200 sqm metres of office carpets with this beast and it is very quiet whilst working away.   Dirtbusters commercial carpet cleaners have a choice of pads to use on the Cimex so can utilise the machine to 100% of its capability.
  • If there is heavy soiling because the carpet is in a greasy oily scenario then we may flush as much of this mess out using hot water extraction.  The problem with steam cleaning commercial carpets is that lots of coffee and tea spills etc may ‘wick back’ upon drying.  To stop this we use a Thermadry system to ‘bonnet’ the office carpet afterwards.  This absorbs and residual soils and accentuates drying times.


When Dirtbusters undertake commercial carpet cleaning in Liverpool  it’s done in a safe and efficient manner.  If required we can draw up a method statement, as well as a risk assessment.

All electrical equipment will be PAT test passed. As well as this, none of the staff in the commercial offices we clean carpets in will have any allergic reactions to the cleaning solutions as we only use Green certified products.

If your company is looking for an office carpet cleaner in Liverpool, simply call Dave on 0151 448 1797 and get a no obligation quotation. We cover all of Merseyside, from Widnes up to Southport and are available seven days a week.

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