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How to look after your carpet


Carpets come in different fibre types and colours.  Here’s some advice on choosing and looking after your carpet. When you are choosing a new carpet you need to take into account the area and the traffic the carpet is going to be laid in.  I would also suggest the main entrance or hallway should be a wood or hard floor as this area can take a beating if you have a large family that come in and out in all weather with their shoes on.

Carpet types

  • Wool – Always a great choice as it is soft and warm underfoot.  It will also outlive manmade carpets as it has a pile has a memory so will spring back into shape to a certain extent.  Wool is also naturally flame resistant, and being a natural fibre is a healthy choice for your home.

The cons for wool are the fact that it can be expensive (but then you only get what you pay for).  Wool isn’t very resistant to stains.  Spill say a juice that contains a food colourant and this can cause a problem.

  • Man made carpets – There are several materials used for carpets that are not a natural fibre.  In the main it is more stain resistant than wool but can lack the natural feel and comfort.  It can also be more cost effective than wool.


So once you have researched and bought your new carpet it’s important it’s looked after in order for it to last years.  In fact, some carpets I clean here in Liverpool are more than 50 years old! Regular vacuuming is essential, use a good twin motor vacuum in all directions.  Vacuum slowly and don’t let the bag get any more than a third full.

Protect the carpet from heavy furniture by using protectors to spread the weight of sofas and side tables etc. Spilt something?  Don’t use supermarket stain removers as these contain bleaching agents and can damage the carpet.  The best move here is to blot the spill up fast and use water and white towel’s to transfer the spill away from the carpet.  If in dought call a professional carpet cleaner such as Dirtbusters in Liverpool.


Don’t forget to take into account the reason the carpet is there.  If the carpet is for a lounge then maybe an 80/20 mix will be a good choice as it shows great comfort and versatility.  But if you have young children and pets maybe a polypropylene carpet will suit as these are a breeze to keep on top of.  If the room in question has a lot of sunlight then try to avoid a carpet with a very deep colour as it may fade with the UV.


Twist pile – Made from twisting the fibres together, great for busy areas.

Loop pile – Hides vacuum marks and footprints.  Not great if you have pets as small claws can get caught.

Saxony cut – Twisted long yarn.  These show footprints and seem to flatten easily.

Berber – Berber is a loop pile and tends to be fairly durable.

Woven – Axminster is a woven carpet and can be found in a lot of hotels etc due to its elegance.

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