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Homemade Oven Cleaner Recipe

Self cleaning oven

We cannot clean ovens due to Covid 19 right now

So while you are waiting on a professional oven clean, I thought I would share this ‘recipe’ for a DIY solution.

This is not as thorough as what Dirtbusters use when deep cleaning ovens, as we strip all removable parts and use a dip tank to soak these at super high heat – but it may get you through the next few weeks!  (This method is not suitable for aluminium surfaces.)


DIY oven cleaning gel recipe

This formula has no toxic nastiness and you can safely use this in your oven.  You may not have all the bits needed, so pick them up next time you are doing your food shop.  It is certainly a healthier choice than the bags of chemicals you can buy that you put your racks in.

Once you make this gumption – you are best using it straight away for maximum effectiveness.

How to make the cleaning gel

How to use the home made oven cleaning gumption

Very important – make sure the oven is turned off!  If you can access the plug on your electric oven then unplug it.

Grab yourself your favourite rubber gloves.

Using a sponge or brush, spread the gel over all parts of the oven.

Leave this to dwell overnight.

Use your sponges or brushes to clean away the gel.  Tip – If you have stubborn parts, simply use some bicarbonate of soda to gain a little extra friction.

Once happy, give the oven a final rinse and hey presto – a hygienically clean oven.

When you are ready for a more thoroughly deep professional oven clean, call Dirtbusters on 0151 268 5079.









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