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Healthy carpets and children


We all like to keep a clean home (well most of us anyway!) and this can be an especially hard task if you have small children crawling about the place.  The problem here, of course, is that the more children you have, the more cleaning need’s you have, and the more children you have the less time you have for cleaning duties.

Now, in my opinion, a carpet is a necessary for a warm comfortable and inviting home, yet if not maintained correctly it can contain some nasties – things I might add that don’t need to be there.

A poorly cared for carpet may have dust mites, mildew and other contaminants lurking around having a great old time whilst you are unaware of this. Think about it, do you always take your shoes off when you come into your home (I know some of my best carpet cleaning customers in Liverpool don’t!). If so, what’s being walked in from the street?

Then there’s the dog, cat, rabbit etc.  Do they wipe their feet upon arriving home. Unless you stand there at the door policing your families footwear then there is only one other solution  – give your carpet a bit of love.


So as we know babies crawl around, toddlers crawl and wobble, pre schooler’s run around like a tornado.  One thing they all have in common is that there is a lot of floor time.  Hands are on the floor, them hands are in the mouth.  The last thing a parent needs is a dirty floor with young kids.


Vacuum vacuum vacuum the carpet.  Did I mention to vacuum?  Get a good twin motor brush vacuum and go over the carpet as often as possible.  It’s good exercise!  Maybe get the older kids in on the action, just tell them it’s an interactive virtual reality game.

It’s important to vacuum slowly, and in all directions.  North to South and West to East.  Most vacuums pull more soil out of the carpet on the back stroke.

If your vacuum cleaner hasn’t got a brush to pick up the dirt, such as a Henry vacuum, then give the carpet a good brush with a clean plastic bristled broom prior to the vacuum clean.  This will help get more good stuff out of the carpet as well as lifting the pile.

A good vacuum cleaner is a Kirby.  They can be expensive so look on Ebay for a good reconditioned one that’s close enough to collect, as the postage will be expensive on a heavy vacuum like this.


So, as a professional carpet cleaner in Liverpool, I am of course going to suggest a yearly deep clean.  I don’t think I am being biased here.  It makes sense to deep clean the carpet in order to remove anything the vacuum isn’t.

If looking for a professional carpet cleaner for the first time I would suggest the following –

  • Ask friends and family who they use
  • Avoid cheap charlie on Facebook or Gumtree, as well as half price flyers through the letterbox, as these guys come and go leaving a trail of soaked carpets behind.
  • Ask if the carpet cleaners are members of a trade association.
  • Are the carpet cleaning company insured?
  • What about training in the industry?

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