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Hard floor cleaning in liverpool

All floor tiles cleaned & sealed

Have you got a kitchen stone tiled floor that has seen better days? Maybe your bathroom hard floor tiles need some attention? Over time, and usually with the build-up of soaps and shop bought floor cleaners, these hard tiled stone floors such as limestone, marble, travertine, and slate can start to look dull and lifeless. Here at Dirtbusters, we have the knowledge to restore and clean an array of tiled hard floors. If you have a natural stone tile then as well as cleaning it, we can reseal it so it will look great for years to come. Let me know what type of floor you have and I will pop round and do a demonstration test patch. This is the only real way to see what kind of tile cleaning results you are going to get. Once we have figured out the best hard floor cleaning solution the job will be booked in and completed in no time at all. All work is undertaken in a tidy and safe manner.

Tile cleaning Liverpool


Glazed ceramic tiling is very popular as they tend to be very tough.  They also offer great moisture and scratch resistance. Glazed ceramic tiles are a popular option these days due to their durability, water, and scratch resistance.  Ceramic tiles clean up fantastically and do not need a seal, although we can seal the grout lines.
Quarry tile restoration Liverpool


There are tonnes of quarry tile floors in Liverpool.  Often found under other types of more modern flooring, yet once exposed they can clean up great.  We can apply a sealer to quarry tiles.
Travertine floor clean Liverpool


Travertine is a natural stone and has a great visual appeal.  Dirtbusters can clean, restore and seal your travertine floor tiles quickly and efficiently. If you have a tumbled travertine then the little holes can collect dust and other gunk.  A professional clean and seal will get this floor looking spectacular.
limestone clean in Liverpool


Have you got a limestone tiled floor?  This natural stone is very tough and durable, yet it does need care.  Once deep cleaned your limestone floor can be sealed. Why not request a test patch to be undertaken so we can see exactly what results are possible on Limestone flooring.
Amtico Karndean clean


Amtico and Karndean floors are very popular at the moment and look great after a deep clean restoration.  Just call 0151 448 1797 for a quick visit to determine what results can be made.
Marble floor cleaner in Liverpool


Marble has a very elegant and expensive feel.  It doesn’t really need sealing but it’s recommended that its cleaned on a regular basis, as well as a good polish. Dirtbusters are also equipped to clean and polish marble in commercial settings such as hotels and shops.

Efficient, mess free hard floor cleaning by dirtbusters liverpool

Dirtbusters Cleaners offer a comprehensive commercial tile and grout cleaning service. This is a great service for places with tiled area’s that receive a lot of foot traffic. We can deep clean floor tiles in restaurants, schools, doctors surgeries, gymnasiums, hairdressers, in fact, if there is a dirty tile in any commercial establishment in Liverpool – we can clean it. Once the area has been surveyed we supply our commercial customers a health and safety risk assessment, as well as evidence of full insurance. As well as cleaning tiles, we can also take care of any other commercial hard floor cleaning in Liverpool, such as vinyl and linoleum flooring.