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How to get the kids to clean up


Let’s face it, keeping the home clean and tidy during the school summer holidays isn’t easy.  We can easily clean the lounge, go for a cup of tea, return to the lounge and it’s a mess again!

Kids looking for lost toys, PlayStation controllers, playing parkour on the sofa’s – the list goes on.

How to get the kids to clean up

In this blog post, I will let you into a few tips on tricking, no, I mean persuading the little horrors darlings into keeping the place spic and span.


Try using a sticker chart.  It doesn’t really matter how old the children are, even the adults of the house can have a space on the chart.

  • Have a family meeting and go through all of the tasks that need doing, rate them from large tasks (cleaning the bath and toilet) through to smaller jobs (such as tidying the cushions on the couch)
  • Next up, give each task a certain amount of points.  The bigger the task the more the points earned.
  • Write the names of the cleaning jobs on clean lolly ice sticks and pop them into a jar.  Colour code them so jobs are age appropriate.  I don’t think a 5-year-old will get very far cleaning the toilet bowl out.
  • Once a stick has been taken, it can be put into the ‘job done’ jar.
  • After a family member has done a job, it can be recorded on the chart under their name, and points are recorded.
  • Your family can decide how points can be cashed in, older kids may trade jobs for pocket money, the younger ones may ask for sweets, comics etc.

Jobs on the sticks can be things like –

  • Vaccum the carpets
  • Tidy the dinner table
  • Empty and fill dishwasher
  • Make beds
  • Clean bathroom
  • Tidy toys up

Don’t forget to supply the kids that are using cleaning products only use eco-friendly cleaning products.

There is no need for cleaners that are stuffed with nasty additives that just make the product smell like a forest, or foam up in an unnecessary way.


Another advantage of job sharing is they will learn (hopefully) not to argue over swapping jobs but learn to negotiate and get to do the tasks they don’t normally do.

Hopefully, this short blog post helps, if not, good luck!

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