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Is your trader independent or a franchise?

family-run-or-franchise-carpet-cleanerSo I may be a little biased, as I am an independent carpet cleaner here in Liverpool.  But when I am looking for any kind of trade, I do look for a family run local operation – whether it be a domestic cleaner, plumber, sparky etc.

Why is this?  Well, what I have noticed in the past few years is that companies from out of town who want to cover other areas using middlemen have grown a lot.  I had this when looking for a joiner for my home in Gatearce.

Looking on the interweb, I found lots of websites with just mobile, or 0800 numbers.  What I realised is these are simply people that may or not be in the trade that get websites towards the top of Google, naturally or by the use of Adwords (paid adverts) that take the call, and then pass it onto someone for a fee.

Well to be fair, I don’t mind paying someone to build me a fence, but I do not really want to pay extra for the privilege of someone in Essex arranging it!

This is similar to how franchise carpet cleaning operations are run.

The opportunity is taken up by someone to by a license to operate a carpet and sofa cleaning service in a particular area – such as South Liverpool as an example.

Cost of this could be between £8000 and £40,000.  This franchise operator is obligated to use the franchise operators cleaning solutions, advertising etc at a much higher cost than an independent would see.  As I explained above – there is no middle man to pay.

What do franchise carpet cleaning companies tell us?

50 years (or so) experience.

experienced-carpet-cleanerWell yes as a company.  But if the operator that gets sent out is 28 years old with 2 years experience is that claim a little misleading?

Ask questions, who will be coming, is he local, is he experienced and insured?


Trust in the brand

dirtbusters-are-which-approvedA lillte research will root out a great family run carpet cleaning company. Ask your friends and neighbours, or use the Which Approved Trader website.

Reviews are vetted by The Which team, so we know are genuine.


Unique cleaning system

funny-carpet-cleaning-manReally?  Some carpet cleaners say they use carbonated water, or a dry cleaning system.  In my experience I need access to all carpet cleaning systems as there are many different scenarios in the carpet cleaning world.



So as in most choice in life –

Research is the key.  Word of mouth is great, and root out a trader that is local (look for address on website), as well as looking up insurance details – public liabillity and treatment risk are a must.




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