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Floor Maintenance


Whatever type of flooring you have in your home or workplace, it will need some kind of maintenance periodically.

I will start the list off with one of my most popular cleaning services –

wool carpet cleaned


You can do a lot of the work yourself via vacuum cleaning.  Buy a good upright twin vacuum and use it frequently.  Due to the limit on the power that a vacuum can now create maybe try picking up a decent used one.

If you have pets and stair carpeting, use a fairly stiff hand brush on the stairs before you vac them.  You will be surprised just how much extra hair will be dislodged, you will also see the pile lift somewhat.


This, along with other brands such as Amtico are what we call ‘luxury vinyl tiles’ (LVT)

A good choice for any room (maybe not bedrooms as can be cold underfoot) as they are hard wearing and come with a long guarantee.

If you have this type of flooring, it is a good idea to use a soft brush to clean up any dust and debris from the floor.  Alternatively, get a vacuum cleaner that has the correct height adjustment for hard floor cleaning.

My advice is not to use washing up liquid or flash etc on these floors.  I would also avoid the expensive products advertised for Karndean cleaning.

Just pick up a ph neutral, gentle cleaning solution and do not add an extra glug of the cleaner for good luck!

All we want to do is pick up and greasy dirty stuff t(hat the brush and vacuum don’t collect) onto the wet mop.


I clean a lot of commercial office carpets in Liverpool as well as maintaining carpets on The Wirral.  Usually, they consist of low profile carpeting, and most are grey blue-green or grey.

These office scenarios are usually vacuumed each evening by in-house cleaning staff, but they usually use Henry hoovers that are not really designed for this low profile carpet.

What is needed here is a vac with a stiff brush attachment to suck up what is usually very compacted soiling.

As offices, call centres and other city centre commercial customers are busy places, I usually tackle them on a weekend.


So these carpets will get a good pre-vacuum, as a high percentage of the muck in there is dry soil.

Once complete I will use an encapsulation carpet cleaning solution in order to break down the dirt (usually tea and coffee, ink etc) and this will be agitated throughout the carpet with a Cimex machine.

Commercial carpets cleaned this way are dry within a couple of hours, so work carries on as normal on Monday morning.


These really just need a good mop as they are very wipeable.  The thing that can let them down and give a dirty look is dirty grout lines.  If the grout is 5 years old or more it can be hard to clean, so you may what to consider recolouring it.  Newer grout is a lot easier to clean up as technology with the grout industry has

Newer grout is a lot easier to clean up as the technology with the grout industry has changed a lot.  An acidic tile grout cleaner will help here.


I clean a lot of this in schools and factories all over Liverpool and The Wirral.

The usual invitation comes after the school cleaners give up trying to get the safety floors clean, and its a great medium for me to clean.

Once I have restored the floor, I put a protective dressing on it, and advise the staff what to use in order to clean the area in future.

The trick is to simply use a ph neutral cleaner, not supermarket products that just clog the floor up.


What these outside area’s need is a good jetwash.  As long as you are fit and able you can do it yourself.   In some cases, there are chemicals that will clean up driveways and patios too (such as Sodium Hydroxide) but we here at Dirtbusters prefer to just use water at high pressure.

You can buy pressure washers at shops for £80 upwards, but our petrol machine outperforms these tenfold.

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