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Jetwash Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Now that Summer 2017 is here maybe its time to get the patio, garden decking or driveway professionally jetwashed. Did you also know that we can also suck out all of the gunk that’s built up in your gutters over the winter with the Dirtbusters gutter vacuum?

Outdoor Cleaning Services

Block paving.

This type of medium is found in most cases on driveways. They always clean up beautifully, and once clean, kiln-dried weed inhibiting sand is brushed through the blocks.

Garden patios.

We see a lot of Indian stone, concrete slabs and a variety of hard stones in our customer’s patios. The correct cleaning procedure is dependent on the type of floor we are looking to restore.

Wooden decking.

This is prone to becoming slippery through the winter months. Wood needs a gentle approach upon the clean so as not to damage it. We can also revarnish the decking post clean.

Grafitti cleaning,

Dirtbusters can helo if you need graffiti cleaning in Liverpool. We always provide a fast response to any commercial (or domestic) client that needs speedy graffiti cleaning.

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Liverpool & Wirral Driveway Cleaning

Question on our Jetwashing service.

How much does jetwashing cost?

This depends on the size of the job and what needs cleaning.  We are fair on pricing, so if you use another service such as rug cleaning or leather upholstery cleaning you will get a discount on other services such as jetwashing.

Do we need an outside tap?

Yes, as the petrol powered machine we use requires 15 litres of water per minute so we do need access to a tap.

Once the block paving is jetwashed do we resand the area?

Yes, this sand fills in the gaps and gives the area stability. It also inhibits weed growth.

Do I need to be at home during the jetwash?

No. We just need access to the area in question and a tap.

Are Dirtbusters insured for jetwashing?

Yes. Fully insured.

I have wooden decking in the garden, can this be power washed?

Yes. And we can arrange for this to be re-varnished afterward.

Can Dirtbusters restore indoor natural stone?

Sure, we have great experience with indoor natural stone hard floor cleaning and sealing too.

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We Clean So You Do Not Have to.

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