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Does your oven really need professional cleaning?

Should you get oven cleaned

Does your oven really need professional cleaning?

There are some real obvious (or maybe not!) ways to tell your cooker is ready for Dirtbusters Cleaners!

An oven is an appliance that can easily be forgotten about.  It’s a daunting task when routine maintenance is needed, with loads of cleaning products, sprays, wipes, and even those bags you can leave the trays and racks overnight available in the supermarket.

Obviously getting a professional oven cleaning company is the way to go.  But when is the right time to get the cooker the love it needs?

Signs that you need Dirtbusters Cleaners to valet your oven

The cooker smells when it’s hot.

This is due to the fact that your oven is caked with baked-on contaminants such as fat and carbon.  As well as being stinky, they are really bad for your health too.

Your oven is smoking like a trooper.

Again as above this is due to spilt fats, cheese and other goodies that are building up out of sight out of mind.  As well as tainting the taste of your food it is really unhealthy.

Dirtbusters Liverpool cleaning a wool rug

More signs the cooker needs a clean

The appliance is taking longer and longer to get up to temperature.

Quite often people think that an oven that is taking an age to heat up needs replacing or fixing, when in fact its the baked-on gunk that is affecting the functionality of the ovens very important and sensitive components.

It’s lost its shine.

Remember when you brought the latest member of your family into your home?  (the oven, not the dog!).  It was shiny, gleaning and you could see your reflection in the stainless steel!

Can you see through the glass on your oven door?

The glass is there for a reason.  So you can see into the oven and keep an eye on the delicious food.  Recipies such as some cakes and Yorkshire don’t like it when you open the door as they will flop.

When Dirtbusters Cleaners valet ovens we always remove the glass from the door (unless there is pre-existing damage).

The glass in question is restored using specialist degreasing solutions and tools.

Call 0151 268 5079 if you would like your oven cleaning.

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