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Is there a way to avoid paying a professional carpet cleaner to get things looking spic n span?  Well not really!. The DIY carpet cleaning adverts on television have always fascinated me, as well as those stands in supermarkets selling carpet cleaning machines for hire.

There are many reasons not to clean a carpet if you have no experience in this field.  Let’s be fair though and look at the pros and cons.


  • Save money
  • The advert says its easy
  • No stranger in your home


  • There’s no pretreating the carpet to get a deep clean with do it yourself machines
  • The diy machines are vastly underpowered and ultimately leave over wet carpets, causing shrinkage and nasty smells.
  • Rapid resoiling, as diy machines use detergents that are prehistoric in comparison to the newer ‘microsplitting’ cleaners professionals use.
  • Different carpets need different approaches.  Is the carpet man-made or wool, cut pile or berber?  There are decisions to be made before cleaning a carpet correctly in order to get the job done correctly.

There is more to carpet cleaning then loading a machine such as a Rug Doctor with sticky detergent and running this straight over a dry carpet.  Theres no real science to this, just a bagful of hope that some soil will be removed!


First off we need to figure out what type of carpet we have been asked to clean, and what type of soiling conditions are evident.

Next step is to thoroughly vacuum the carpet with a twin motor commercial machine.

After this vacuum, a pretreatment is sprayed lightly onto the carpet and brushed through the fibres either using an agitation brush, or mechanically using a conter rotating brush machine.

This solution is left for approximately 10 minutes, this is where the magic happens (and is missing in the diy method) and the soil is broken down into tiny particles ready for extraction.

Next up is the extraction stage.  Dirtbusters carpet cleaners in Liverpool choose to use a van mounted cleaning set up  for this.  Hot water is sent into the carpet at high pressure (between 200 – 400 psi) and is instantly extracted back to the units waste tank in the van.

After this, we check the carpet for any stubborn marks and treat them accordingly.  Again this is lacking w the do it yourself brigade.

Happy?  Ok, this is when we put an air mover into the room to speed up drying whilst we drink our tea then pack away all the equipment.

So the choice is there to be made, the carpets in your home cost a lot of money. Is it really worth the risk not getting them cleaned correctly?

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