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Do dirty ovens cause house fires

oven on fire


Can dirty ovens cause a house fire?

This fact is taken from the Office of National Statistics.

A dirty oven can appear from nowhere, busy lives and leaving awkward cleaning tasks go hand in hand.

The issue with ovens is usually grease that builds up in the base and walls of the oven and trays.  Every time the oven gets hot, this grease burns over and over again.

As well as being a real fire risk there are other issues with dirty ovens here –

  • Your food will taste bad
  • The cooker will be less efficient as it will take longer to heat
  • The burnt carbon is a real issue for your families health

What if your oven does create a fire?

Keep the oven door closed and turn the appliance off.  There is a real danger of hot fats spreading any fires further into your home.

If there looks like its not going to go out, call 999 pronto!

Keeping your oven clean

The easiest way to get things gleaming is to call a professional in.  This is a really comprehensive service as all trays and loose parts are soaked in a heated dip tank.  The glass from the oven door is removed for maximum efficiency.  A lot easier than a diy job!

What areas do Dirtbusters cover?

We cover a 30 minute radius.  So as well as cleaning ovens in Liverpool, we also clean ovens in Warrington.  Need an oven clean on The Wirral?  We go there too!

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