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Dirtbusters facts on Gateacre


Here is a little history on the area. So, first of all, we pronounce the word Gateacre not as ‘Gate Acre’, but as ‘Gat ik er’.  Locals say that this name comes from ‘Gata’ – ‘The Way’, to the ‘Acrefield’ of Much Woolton.

Gateacre is around 6 miles from Liverpool city centre and is well served by bus routes. We can see the start of Gateacre as far back as the 12th century.  But the name Gateacre wasn’t actually used until the 17th century.

Gateacre remained a very rural village until the 19th century.  This is the time when the area grew at a rapid rate thanks to great transport links and new businessess started. Liverpool took the area Gateacre in during 1913. The oldest building in Gateacre is Grange Lodge that was built during the 17th Century.

The oldest building in Gateacre is Grange Lodge that was built during the 17th Century. Gateacre had a railway station but this was closed to the public back in 1972, the last of the freight trains ran along here until 1975.  This track is now a great scenic walkway known as ‘The Trans Pennine Trail’


There are many different styles of architecture is Gateacre.  This is due to the long history of the area.  There are actually over one hundred listed buildings within the area.  And because Gateacre is so close to the Woolton quarry, a lot of buildings are made from this material.  (This is the same material the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is made from).

Looking down Gateacre brow we can see late-Georgian and early-Victorian villas.  Aside from these Gateacre has a variety of houses from terraced to detached.

The oldest builing here is on Grange Lane – Grange Lodge.   A collection of a cottage and farm buidings.


Lots of new modern housing was built in Gateacre during the 1950’s and 60’s. Soon after came a large school and shopping centre (now in the Belle Vale area). In 1969 Gateacre took the privilege as to be one of Liverpool’s first conservation area’s.

Dirtbusters are carpet and sofa cleaners in Gateacre, Liverpool.

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