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Here at Dirtbusters Liverpool LTD we use (in the main) detergent free carpet and sofa cleaning solutions. When some hear the term ‘detergent free cleaning‘ some may think it’s a negative thing.  Cleaning without soap? How will this get my grubby items clean?  After all, the word soap and detergent pop’s up in most cleaning industries.


So one reason Dirtbusters choose the detergent free carpet cleaning solutions over traditional soaps is due to the fact that they don’t leave any sticky residue on our customer’s carpets.  If a sticky residue is left then we will see a thing occur called rapid re-soiling.  And if our customer’s carpet gets dirty quickly after cleaning then we probably wouldn’t get the recommendations and repeat work that we do today.

There are  all sorts of contaminants in the air that can stick to this sticky residue, from pollution in the air to crud that the dog brings in on his paws.

Seen these machines in the big supermarkets and DIY shops?  Well the dirtiest carpets that we clean here in Liverpool are usually the carpets that have been cleaned by these pieces of kit.

The problem (as mentioned above) is that they use traditional soapy cleaners.  The customer cleans the carpet, carpet gets dirty quickly, carpet rehires the machine, carpet gets dirtier and so a vicious circle occurs.  This is when Dirtbusters can help by cleaning the carpet correctly and in the process removing all that built up soap.



A problem with lots of cleaners today is the fact that they all seem to contain a fragrance of some description.  They are in everything from washing up liquid, baby shampoo, and even some toilet rolls!

There are a couple of ways that these harmful synthetic fragrances can enter your body – through your nose and mouth, or through your skin. A build up of these chemicals can harm even the strongest of people, babies and elderly people, as well as pregnant ladies and poorly people to say the least.  A lot of these added fragrances contain carcinogens that are the last thing you want to be exposed to.

Google can be your friend here, try searching for the names of some of the ingredients on your cleaning products and see what you can find.


So we know that with Dirtbusters you and your family are safe when we clean your carpet and upholstery, but what about general cleaning in your home?  Here are a few tips –

Suncare – These products are tested for people with sensitive skin and make laundry cleaning products.
Ecover ZERO – Do a range of fragrance-free cleaning solutions.
Greenscents – These guys are a family company and make a range of eco-friendly cleaners.

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