How to de dust your home

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Is your home still dusty, even after you have dusted?


It can be a real pain when you have spent a lot of time and effort dusting the place, only for the dust to magically reappear straight away.

This can be even more annoying if you have allergies such as asthma and you want to minimise your allergic reactions.

The problem is, you will never get rid of dust 100%, as it is actually made up of so many components.  Upholstered couches, towels, clothes and even people create the particles that you see in the air when the sunlight shines in, as well as settling on the house surfaces.

Here are some handy tips that may help keep things clean.

1 – Use an air purifier

These are great pieces of kit.  You will still need to have a good wiping down routine, but an air purifier will take a lot of the air bourne contaminants out of your breathing space.

2- Get on your hands and knees

You need to find where the good stuff is.  You may see big clumps of dust blow out from under the couch as an example if a breeze comes through the room.

These big guys hide in places such as behind the radiator, behind the television as well as upon the tops of curtain pleats.

3 – Vacuum the suite

Fabric upholstery will love a good vacuum.  Get right into it, down the sides, under the cushions and pillows.   If you have the strength, tip it back and hoover the underneath base of the sofa, including the bottom of the legs.

4 – Clean from tip to toe

Sounds obvious enough.  If you dust from the highest point – such as ceilings and light shades, then its ok if some of the dust falls below (although we want to catch it on our dusters) as we are going to be cleaning the lower points lastly.

5 – Don’t forget the animals!

Your Cats and Dogs will shed a lot of skin just in the same way a human will.  Alongside this, if they shed a lot of hair this will need to be taken care of on a very regular basis.

6 – Change your bedding every 7 days

Bit of a task if you are a busy family, but it is worth the effort.

When we sleep we actually lose skin cells, these bad boys are the main contributors to dust.

7 – Get the carpet cleaners in periodically

A good deep clean of your carpets will really help freshen the place up.  Your carpeting is like a giant filter that actually helps keep your air clean as it grabs onto pollutants.  Dirtbusters can help you with carpet cleaning in Liverpool and The Wirral.

8 – Tidy up the clutter

The more clutter you have around the place, the more surface area you have for the dust to settle.  Have a clear out and de junk the place.

So I hope these tips help a little, why not look at my blog for other posts that may help you.

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