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Coronavirus closure

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Dirtbusters are closed during the Government lockdown

Due to the UK  lockdown since 23rd March I have taken the correct measures and stopped cleaning my customers carpets, sofas etc as I can’t be in someones home and not have any contact.

Hopefully this virus pandemic will be over sooner rather than later and not take too many more lives with it.

During this outbreak all we can really do is follow these guidelines

What else can we do during the Covid 19 outbreak

If you are fit, mobile and have a car – you could volunteer at the NHS.

Have you got elderley neighbours?  Make sure they are ok and have food.  Most online food deliveries are unobtainable, and some old folk may not be keen on the shopping run.

Share something funny across social media to your family and friends.

Learn something online.  Get that old guitar or keyboard out and follow some YouTube tutorials.

When will Dirtbusters be back to work?

This all depends on Boris and his ministers.  I would guess at mid June.  The main thing has got to be that it is safe to get out.

There will no doubt be lots of things to get cleaned once this is all over as everyone has been at home sitting on the upholstery, and now I offer an oven valeting service in Liverpool there will be lots to do!

The plan for getting back to work

Once the lockdown is lifted, and a sensible time has come for working in my customer’s homes, the following things will happen.

Keep an eye out on my website for news on this matter.





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