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Cleaning up after Halloween


Halloween is a great time if you (like me) have small children at home.  It’s a great time to make an excuse to have a party, but the main difference with a Halloween party and a birthday or Christmas party is the ghastly bloody mess that can be made.

halloween party cleaning

Fake zombie makeup, runny gooey blood, pumpkins and loads of buckets full of sweets from trick or treating – all this can be a real problem to get cleaned up.  Then there are the gruesome games that are conjured up that are equally as messy.

Here are a few tips to help with the cleanup.


This is usually made up from corn syrup and red colouring.  Start off by blotting the stain with white paper towels, remove as much of the gloop off the carpet as possible.  Be patient and carry on and you will remove all, if not most of this stain.  If you need professional carpet stain removal then call a pro in, do not use any supermarket foams or shampoos.

Gently use a blunt knife to scrape off as much of the lovely stuff as possible. Get yourself some paper towels and a warm (not hot) iron. Cover the chocolate with the paper towel and gently place the warm iron over the area, so as the chocolate transfers from the carpet onto the towel.



Be careful here, as the more sticky the mess – the more sticky mess you may make!  Try taking a towel that has been dipped in very hot water (be careful) and use this to compress the sticky sweets in an effort to pick them up.  The heat and moisture will help in this scenario.

If some zombie leaves a mess on the sofa from their coloured hair, use some cotton wool and some rubbing alcohol.  Blot and repeat.


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