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Cleaning up pet hair


When I am out and about cleaning upholstery in Liverpool, I see a fair bit of cat and dog hair.  Some pets seem to rule the roost is my customer’s homes, especially when it comes to the upholstery.

clean up cat hair

I see a lot of pet hair along the sides of couches where the animal rubs against the panel of the suite.  Another place is on the top of the cushion next to the window or radiator, dogs like to look out of the window whereas cats like the warmth of the radiator.

Then there is the spot on the cushion next to the owner, this can get a build up of hair too.

Before I can approach a hot water extraction clean on a sofa, I need to get rid of the pet hair first, as it can be troublesome whilst wet.


  • A good tool for any professional upholstery cleaner and it will be a great piece of kit for anyone with pets is this upholstery brush that is called the ‘Grim Reaper’, the bristles on this brush create an electrical charge that helps release the hair onto the brush.  It’s quite pokey too so it’ll get into hard to reach areas.
  • Another way to grab onto pet hair is by the use of slightly dampened rubber gloves.  Just rub your gloved up hands over the hairy area and they will clump up, dip your hands in more water and continue.  This method works well on car seats and boot areas where the dog sits.
  • Why not try a small hand brush in one hand and the vacuum hose in another?  Brush n suck, this way can work well on the black webbing underneath the cushions.


You can make life easier of course by choosing a dog that doesn’t shed hair, such as Max the Dirtbusters dog.  Our dog is a Labradoodle, so no shedding.

In contrast, some dogs such as terriers can have short sharp hairs that seem to sow themselves into the fabric.

If you need upholstery cleaning on The Wirral or Liverpool, give me a call anytime.

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