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Cleaning Limestone Patio Wirral

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Today I was asked to restore a limestone patio on The Wirral

This particular customer of mine had wanted to spruce her patio up for this great Summer we are currently experiencing.

Damaged limestone wirral

As we can see from this image, the black limestone patio has been damaged by a jet washing company on The Wirral.  It seems that the cleaning company in question had used a turbo nozzle to try and clean the floor (that was unsealed and suffering from grease spills from a barbeque).

The black limestone is rather delicate and the high impact of the pressure washer has really cut into the stone.  To say the customer wasn’t happy would be an understatement!

Fixing the patio's problem

Our customer was told by other firms that it needs jetwashing again at a lower pressure, but my advice was that this will cause more of the same problem.

After a test, I decided that the best course of action would be to get the ‘Rocky” out.  This is a heavy rotary cleaner, and along with specialist abrasive pads I set out to restore the patio.

Chemical free patio cleaning

My customer was very particular about her garden, and rightly so.  I explained that the Rocky and polishing pads, along with no man-made chemicals (just water) would be used in order to restore the area.

The finishing touch - sealing the floor

So once the limestone patio had been cleaned, it was left to fully dry out.  I need the natural stone to be fully dry before protecting it using a sealer.  For this job, and to give the stone great protection as well as a depth of colour, I went with a colour enhancing sealer.

Now the patio is clean, sealed and ready for entertaining over the Summer months.  The patio will still be prone to damage from acidic spills, but a top up of the sealer periodically will really help to keep this investment in brilliant shape.

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