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Looking for cheap cleaning in Liverpool?

To be fair, everyone likes a bargain.  The Television and Internet is full of offers for half price products, buy today and get 3 free etc.  Most people can spot a bargain – but when it comes to cleaning services, you really need to be careful when letting someone loose on your valuable carpets and upholstery.

Wirral carpet cleaners

My advice to avoid being ripped off

Lack of a local phone number. The reason I mention this is because there are multiple companies, usually hanging out on Google Adwords (the listings you see at the top of the screen during a search).  If a company doesn’t have a local number – then they are not local.  The advertised cheap price will undoubtedly be raised if your cleaner has come from miles away for your job.

No address on their website.  It is now law for a trader to display their trading address on the website.  If this is missing, why?  Are they hiding the fact that they are not local?

4 rooms for £cheap.  There is a franchise out on the internet Adwords that is offering silly prices.  I, as well as other carpet cleaners I know in  Merseyside, have cleaned up the aftermath of these guys.  They offer a silly price, and the carpet cleaner needs to hand half of this over to the franchise boss.  As well as not following correct guidelines in order to get the carpet cleaned correctly (time saver) they also try and hike the price up as the price is far too low initially.

What can happen if you make the wrong cleaning choice?

Here’s what I see on my travels cleaning carpets across Wirral and Liverpool.  This will be when cheap Charlie has been in and the customer isn’t happy.

Carpet that still look dirty

Carpet that is smelly as they are overwet

Carpets that have not been cleaned as the operator was insisting on more money for a ‘deep clean’, rather than the ‘maintenance clean’ that was booked.

Carpets that are is clean as the operator never turned up.  This is usually because the van is broken, but is it because they got a better paid clean?

Shrunk carpets due to overwetting.

Upholstery that has turned pink due to incorrect choice of upholstery cleaner.

I clean carpets in St Helens, Liverpool and all of Merseyside.

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