Are carpets good for your health

It always confuses me when I hear people say (usually on the television) that they are replacing the carpeting in their home, as they (or family members) have allergies or asthma.

The fact is, carpets are like giant air filters, and they effectively ‘catch’ airborne pollutants such as mold spores, particle pollution (especially in homes on busy roads) and other nasties.

When we vacuum the carpets, these pollutants are taken out.  If hard floors were in this situation, the pollutants would kick up each time you walked into the room.  Not great if you have small children, as this can be taken straight into their airways.


It is a fact that a happy workplace is going to be a more productive workplace.  As carpets hold onto dust and other nasties, as long as they are vacuumed on a regular basis, the air in the commercial workplace will be cleaner than one with hard floors.  It has been proven that the average fine dust concentration in places with hard floors is higher than in those with carpeting.


Another myth is that replacing carpets with hard floors will help family members with asthma.  This was shown to be not the case via a 10-year study in Sweden.

It was clear that as the use of carpets went through a decline, cases of asthma and other allergies went up.

Look at this chart, It shows this quite clearly.

allergy graph


  • Cost effective.

Carpets can easily work out cheaper to install versus a quality hard floor.

  • Maintenance.

Carpets need vacuuming, followed by a professional carpet clean once a year.  Hard floors need mopping, and to be thorough you should follow this with just hot water and another mop.  They will also need (in most cases) stripping and sealing periodically.

  • Warmth.

Do you really want to come home on a cold day to a hard cold floor, or a soft fluffy pile?

  • Safety.

Carpets are less likely to be slippery, great if there are kids or elderly folks about.


This is really what seems to determine what people choose to have in their homes.

Wood, well laminate flooring made a big impression in the UK during the 90’s.  Fortunately for us carpet cleaners they are now (possibly trend dictating) declining and most people have some carpets in their home – especially in the bedroom.

So, the choice is yours.  Whatever you do go for, bear in mind the points I have made in this blog.  The flooring in your home isn’t cheap!

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