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Now that the days of wooden hard flooring being more popular than carpets are fading, there are more carpets out there that need cleaning, and in my opinion in a safe, non-toxic, green and eco-friendly manner.

I have been a domestic and commercial cleaner in Liverpool for more than a decade and in that time I have seen carpet cleaning in Liverpool (and upholstery cleaning) chemicals come and go. To be fair, a lot of the eco-friendly range of carpet cleaning solutions were hit and miss a few years ago, but nowadays there are some great products that I choose to use in my customer’s homes that clean great, smell great and leave my client with a safe, clean, fluffy carpet without the stickiness of traditional detergents that will simply attract dirt quickly (rapid re-soiling).

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Here is a short video demonstrating stain guard on a piece of kitchen roll.


Produced from sustainable and renewable sources

100% biodegradable

They contain anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties

Safe for me, my clients, families, and pets

Non-toxic to any type of aquatic life

100% non-caustic




Non-hazardous & Non-polluting

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Save money. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions are soap and detergent free. One benefit here is that the carpet doesn’t get a sticky residue after cleaning that simply attracts dirt – needing to be cleaned sooner = more money spent.
I have cleaned thousands of carpet’s in Liverpool & Merseyside, and the dirtiest carpets are always the ones that get the DIY clean using soaps, usually by Rug Doctors or half price Charlie on Facebook.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaners are, well…. Eco-Friendly. In this day and age, we all need to do a little to help Mother Nature out.

Your health. Do you want toxic chemicals lurking in your rug when the baby is rolling around on it?

How i can clean carpets

1. First off I begin with a pre-carpet cleaning inspection, looking for stains, traffic areas, and other problem areas that will require additional attention.

2. Next up it is time to vacuum the carpet with an industrial strength carpet cleaning machine to remove dry soiling, especially taking the time to vacuum the edges.

3. Once the vac is done, I pre-treat the carpet, spraying it with a chemical-free cleaning agent to help loosen trapped dirt and other nasties lurking within the pile.

4. Special attention is given to stains as well as high traffic areas.

5. The dirt is then rinsed out during the extraction process using state of the art van mounted carpet cleaning extraction equipment for a good deep thorough clean.

6. If desired I will treat your carpet with an environmentally friendly stain retardant.

7. Once happy with the carpet clean, I will groom the pile of your carpet and will also use turbo dryers to get your carpets dry in no time.


Dirtbusters carpet and upholstery fabric protector is invisible to the eye, you can’t smell or feel it, yet it will help stop dirt sticking to your fibres, making your fabric easier to care for and last a whole lot longer.
As well as this our fabric protector (also know as stain guard) is an effective way to control allergies in your home.
Dust mites are a massive problem for Asthma and allergy sufferers. The fact is they are known to be one of the biggest triggers for asthma attacks and allergic reactions.
Our fabric protector is a proven safe way to keep dust mites out of your carpet and upholstery for as long as 14 months. This solution does not deal with just the mites excrement but the mites themselves and removing them completely.
The fabric protector is completely safe to use if you have children or pets around, it is completely non-toxic.
Tests carried out by independent research shows a dramatic reduction in allergic attacks when used as part of a maintenance program. Absolutely fantastic news if you have Asthma or are prone to allergies, or even if you are just concerned about the possible medical effects are drawn from dust mites.
As well as the above benefits this is also a fantastic stain protector!