Does carpet and fabric stain guard work

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Have you protected your carpets and fabric?

Your carpets and upholstery cost a fair whack, so it makes sense to have them protected with a stain repellant.  But does it really work?

Well in short, yes it will help your fibres repel spilt liquids.

I don’t’ use the old style fibre protectors that contain Teflon.  There are much safer and really effective stain guards now that I favour.


What can stain-guard help protect?

Wool (and other natural fibres)  This is the best medium to take a protector.  The stainguard really bonds to wool fibres and give maximum protection.

The carpet will not look or feel any different once protected, and the flame retardancy of the wool fibres will not be compromised.


Man-made (such as Polypropylene) This type of product can take protector but not very well.  To be fair, they don’t really need it as they are naturally stained resistant.

See adverts for bleach cleanable carpets?  These are Polypropolyne – but for heaven’s sake do not take the manufacturers advice on the bleach clean as its hazadours to your health!

How much protection will the fibres have?

Although you will have great peace of mind with protected carpets and upholstery, they will not be bulletproof.

If there is a spill, you will have a much better chance of clearing it up as the liquid should bead on top of the item in question.  Enough time to grab some kitchen roll so as to dab up the spill.  If you had no protector applied, the spill will simply soak straight into the carpet or suite.

How long does stainguard last for?

This all depends on how much the area’s in question are used.  You may get 5 years out of the product, but if you have busy traffic areas as an example, these may benefit from a yearly clean and protector top up every 12 months.

This way your carpet will stay looking great for many years.


If you would like stainguard protection on your new carpets or sofas in Liverpool, or you would like this protection applying after a deep clean, call me anytime on 0151 448 1797.

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