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Do you need a reliable & experienced carpet cleaner in warrington?

Hello, my name is Dave Power (you can get me on 01925 670 554), and for over 20 years I have specialised in the deep cleaning of carpets and rugs here in sunny Warrington.

In the main, I use a super powerful van mounted extraction unit to flush away any nasties from your carpets. If I feel your carpeting requires a different cleaning approach, then I can utilise one of the other cleaning methods that I am armed with – such as low moisture carpet cleaning. The choice I make depends on the carpet type you have, as well as the particular soiling conditions that I am facing.

carpet cleaning Warrington

I am fully vetted by the National Carpet Cleaning Association, as well as keeping up to date at other training facilities across the UK.   Full public liability insurance, as well as treatment risk insurance, is in place.  This means your carpets and rugs are in safe hands.

Over many years I have cleaned miles of carpet’s all over Warrington (I also clean upholstery in Warrington)  and are being continuously recommended for a high standard of carpet cleaning and rejuvenation throughout the Warrington area. I can also offer you a stain guard protector after your clean. This is a great product that will help your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

01925 670 554

Dirtbusters have also been approved to be a Which? Trusted Trader. This means I have been assessed and checked by the Which trading standards professionals.

Part of this means I have also agreed to abide by the Which? Trusted Trader code of conduct, giving my  customers that extra peace of mind.

Contact Dave on 01925 670 554.

carpet cleaning Warrington

More about Dirtbusters carpet cleaners in warrington

I can clean your carpets in several different ways, but the main cleaning system we use is with what we call a ‘van mounted’ extraction unit.

This system uses highly pressurised hot water, along with lots of vacuum power.  After a pre-treatment, the soiling in your carpets is flushed away to the waste tank in the van.  Here we have lots more power at our fingertips than for instance the DIY carpet cleaners you can hire in the shop.
If you have a commercial carpet that needs cleaning in Warrington, I can use a low moisture cleaning method.  This is dry within an hour.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaners are, well…. Eco-Friendly. In this day and age, we all need to do a little to help Mother Nature out.

Your health. Do you want toxic chemicals lurking in your rug when the baby is rolling around on it?

Some questions to ask if you are on the hunt for a carpet cleaner in warrington

• Is the price a final fully inclusive price of cleaning, stain removal, moving furniture etc?

• Is there any kind of money back guarantee?  After all, if the clean isn’t great, should you pay?
• Can the carpet cleaner provide any references?
• Is the carpet cleaner van or truck mounted?  Avoid the low powered portable carpet cleaners – poor cleans and wet carpets!

Dirtbusters use van-mounted units

In order to keep any type of disruption to a minimum, I have invested in whats known in the carpet cleaning industry as a van mounted carpet cleaning extraction unit.  This has its own water supply and sits out in the van.  This means no noisy machine is brought into your home.

All wastewater is sucked straight out to the van too so in all its a very clean way to clean!

And, did you know?  I can also offer you a patio and driveway jetwashing service in Warrington too, and new for 2019 an oven cleaning service in Warrington.

carpet cleaner in Warrington

If you have carpets in your home

• Vacuum with a twin motor machine as often as possible
• Vacuum slowly in all directions
• Invest in a stainguard (if your carpet or rug is wool)
• Avoid supermarket stain removers, just use water and towels, if not sure, call a pro
• Get some funky door mats from Ikea to wipe your feet on
• Got a busy house with kids and pets?  You should have your carpets cleaned once a year

So if you just need a couple of rugs cleaning, or multiple empty properties that need carpet care in Warrington, all you need to do is pick up for the phone and call me on 01925 670554 – 7 days a week, anytime between 8 am and 8 pm.

Warrington carpet cleaners Which approved

We would like to resolve any complaints ourselves and if you need to complain please in the first instance speak to us directly. However, as a Which? Trusted trader we use Dispute Resolution Ombudsman for dispute resolution. If you would like to address the complaint directly to them please contact 0333 241 3209 or via their website please note that complaints are very rare and we will do everything possible to resolve the issue for you.

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