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I have cleaned many carpets in the suburb of Crosby and have many repeat customers in the area.  It’s a great place (although traffic is never great here!) and has a superb marina area.

As well as cleaning for domestic customers carpets in Crosby I have also cleaned a few commercial carpets here too. It’s surprising just how many office spaces there are in Crosby that need carpet cleaning.  Not long back I cleaned the carpets at Harmonics music shop on Crosby Road North, great place to visit for a guitar player such as myself.


A few days ago I was called in to clean a pigmented leather sofa in Endbutt Lane.  Upon arrival, I could see that this white leather suite had a problem.  The customer had scrubbed it with a little too much elbow grease as well as with baby wipes.  This is not a great combination.  As this leather (as with most pigmented leathers) has a protective clear coating sprayed onto it.  In this case, a glossy topcoat finish.

As this leather (as with most pigmented leathers) has a protective clear coating sprayed onto it.  In this case, a glossy topcoat finish.  The action of rubbing baby wipes (that contain alcohol) onto the leather had damaged this protective layer and was looking shabby, to say the least.

As I can repair colour problems on leather sofa’s the job was changed from a clean to a restore.  After cleaning the problem area’s I airbrushed some fresh colour matched pigment onto the leather and dried it off.  After another coat, I applied a fresh coating of glossy topcoat.  The trick here is to get the repair to blend into the rest of the upholstery, which I did to the customer’s delight.  I have advised the client on the correct leather cleaning procedure too.


For some reason, a lot of my upholstery cleaning in Crosby seem’s to be Parker Knoll suites.  These are always great to clean as they tend to be a beige colour and can show dirty patches quite readily.

If you have a light coloured fabric sofa then you really need to be keeping an eye out for dye transfer from clothing.  Always make sure new trousers (especially jeans) are washed a few times before sitting on your couch as the dye can get into the fibres.  This is also true with your Echo as the print is fresh and will build up slowly on your suite.


If you have a Berber carpet, shaggy rug, stair runner or some bedroom carpets in Crosby that need a good old clean then give me a call on 0151 448 1797.

All I need to know is the following –

  • Approximate size of the room you need carpet cleaning
  • Have you any specific problems with stains, odours etc
  • Can I park close by (lots of resident only roads in Crosby)

With this information, I can then give you a cost, day and time of clean.

Dirtbusters, carpet cleaners Crosby.

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