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Bleach cleanable carpets

Seen the adverts for bleach cleanable carpeting?

The use of wool carpets in the UK seems to be declining in favour of the easier to care for polypropylene carpeting.

I remember going to United Carpets & Beds in Hunts Cross a while ago when I was on the hunt for some new fluffy carpets for my house.

When I asked the salesman where the wool carpets were, he gave me a long spiel about how wool carpets cant be cleaned, and if they do they always shrink.  The guy was pushing me to but polypropylene carpets as they come with a long guarantee against wear – funny thing was he couldn’t find the paperwork.  And, when I told him I was a carpet cleaner his face did go a little pale!

polypropolyne carpets

Maybe there is more money is man made carpets, not sure about that – I only clean them.  But I really don’t like to see people mis-sold carpets.

This short blog post will explain a little about these types of carpets.

Are they bleach proof?

Well, the fibres won’t react to bleach in the same way wool or another natural fibre will.  But, do you really want to clean a stain off your carpet with bleach?  If you have babies, small children, or like me a dog that likes to rub his face in the pile then maybe leaving bleach on the carpet isn’t the best idea.

Do they clean up well?

Yes!  Thet are in the main stain resistant, so a professional carpet cleaner will get them looking great (without using bleach!)

You can read more about my carpet cleaning services on this site.

Are they good for heavy traffic?

In my opinion not really.  I clean a lot of silvery/grey polypropylene carpets here in Liverpool and whats noticeable is the soft fluffy area’s next to the wall, (the part that nobody walks on) always looks richer than the walkways.

Wool doesn’t get this so much as wool carpets have more what I call ‘bounceability”.

Shop around

So I suggest polypropylene carpets for the bedrooms and a wool mix for the stairs and lounge areas.  You can get all kinds of colours and designs in both types of carpets – happy shopping!

Dirtbusters are a family run carpet cleaning company, we now also clean ovens in Liverpool.

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