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Artificial Grass Cleaning at Crazy Golf


I received a phone call from the owner of this very popular city centre crazy golf centre as the green grass like carpeting was in need of a deep restorative clean.

Apparently, he had called numerous carpet cleaners across the Liverpool area but no one seemed to be able to take the task on.  After all, it was a challenge due to the build up of spills on the carpeting from the alcoholic drinks that were being served up – helps to keep the concentration on the game apparently ?

Green carpet clean

There were another couple of challenges on this particular cleaning task – parking was a fair distance, plus the area’s in question had to be dry by 2 pm (all 18 holes, plus reception carpeting)

Another challenge was the heavy protein spills that need cleaning from a very thin carpet, that was laid on wood.


After a little experimenting on the area’s that needed the Dirtbusters magic, we proceeded to give the golf carpets a good vacuum.  This released the dry soiling present on the green.

The carpets here had what we carpet cleaners call ‘black top’ in places.  It is caused by sticky drinks being spilt, thus attracting lots of soiling,  The carpet looks black.  We wanted to see the lush green back so we got the big guns out.

We see this same problem in public houses around Liverpool & Wirral too.


We decided upon the use of a micro splitting carpet cleaning solution and laid it down evenly onto the course.  Nice and hot was the chosen route here.

This micro splitting technology is fantastic at breaking down and effectively ‘smashing’ the dirt molecules.

This type of cleaning solution has been around for years, although so carpet cleaners still use the cheaper shampoos.  These tend to leave a sticky residue so it’s no use to us.


Once the cleaning agent had been applied, we used a heavy rotary machine fitted with a scrubbing brush.  This helped our cleaning agent break down the heavy soiling within the carpet.

The more we loosen the unwanted grime, the easier it is to rinse in the next step.


As access didn’t allow the van mounted extraction unit, we used our more portable system.  We filled this with hot water, turned on the heater and extracted the now loose soiling from the carpet with a high pressurised steaming hot rinse.

Once happy with this process, turbo dryers (air movers) were placed in strategic places in order to have the greens dry and ready for that days golfiing.

So now the customer is happy that the green is now greener, they have also opted in for monthly maintenance clean.

We like a commercial carpet cleaning challenge and no dought they will appear on this blog in the future.  Whether it be graffiti cleaning in the busy city centre, or cleaning hundreds of chairs in a call centre– we always have it covered.

For example, we have 300 mattresses to clean in Liverpool city centre next week.  Better have a big breakfast?

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