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Are wool carpets worth the money?

Wool carpeting

Are Wool Carpets Worth The Money?

Should you buy a wool or man made carpet?

Wool carpets have been with us for years.  In fact the use of wool has been here for thousands of years due to shearing of sheep.

It does have a luxury allure, and the obvious choice for a great long lasting carpet for many is wool, rather than a man made fibre.

Advantages of wool over man-made carpets

  • Wool carpets are actually great at holding onto (some may say hiding) dirt.  You can actually get a container of dry soil and rub it into the carpet, after a while, it will be taken in by the wool.  Not very hygienic, but its not something a man made carpet would cope with.
  • Wool is of course natural!  For the more eco-conscious of us this is a no brainer when choosing a floor covering.
Dirtbusters Liverpool cleaning a wool rug

More reasons to go wool!

Wool lasts longer.  It has more ‘bounce’ than say a polypropylene carpet.  I clean carpets all day long, and I also see wool carpets wear MUCH BETTER than polypropylene variants.  Especially the grey/silver polypropylene carpets, these stay plump and vibrant around the edges but fall flat very quickly in traffic areas.

Flame retardancy 

Hopefully, you will never have a fire in your home. but you can be safe in the knowledge that wool fibres have  great resistance to flames.

Can wool carpets be cleaned safely?

Yes and yes!  The amount of wool carpets I see on a daily basis is in decline.  It may be partly due to the fact that there are hardly any wool carpets in America, and what goes on over the pond usually happens here.

When cleaning wool carpets, I use a ph neutral pre conditioning solution, followed by gentle agitation.  Some wools such as Berbers don’t like much agitation at all.

Any dirt is then safely flushed away to the carpet cleaning unit out in the Dirtbusters van.

For carpet cleaning in Liverpool, call Dave on 0151 448 1797.

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