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Are self cleaning ovens efficient?

Self v pro cleaning an oven

Are Self Cleaning Ovens Efficient?

Whats the story with self cleaning ovens?  Do they really work?  Imagine an oven that cleans itself..  But before you spend your hard earned money, lets take a look at the pro’s and con’s.

Self cleaning oven theory

How self cleaning ovens work

These have actually been around since the 1960’s, General Electric came up with the idea to burn off the baked on fat and other spills by using super high heat in order to burn off these contaminants.   So its a straight forward enough idea – the super high heat burns the burnt on food to ash.

The oven (as expected) doesn’t clean itself, as you still need to get in there in order to scrape off excess food before the clean, as well as the residue left from the clean.


Pros and cons of self cleaning ovens


It’s the most obvious stand out reason to buy one.  Imagine sitting back and relaxing while the oven cleans itself!  (But read on before you make your mind up)

Chemical free cleaning

Wait a minute…  Can you get a clean oven that uses zero chemicals?  

Well to a certain extent (as that’s what the manufacturers claim), although you do still need to post clean the oven with some type of cleaner in order to remove the burnt on ash.

You can get a caustic free oven clean by a professional oven cleaner.  Dirtbusters as an example only use caustic free cleaners.

High temperatures = smoke and fumes

During the burning off period the self cleaning ovens go through, there will be excessive smoke and odours that are generated by the burning off of the old grease, fat and food.  This can be a real irritant to your eyes, lungs and smoke alarms!

Wear and tear of your oven.

If the self clean option is used too often, then it will have a detrimental affect upon components such as the heating element, wirings, bulbs, thermal sensors  and door seals.  This could leave your oven to be left in a dangerous state.

Whats the conclusion?

In my opinion, self cleaning ovens are not really great on lightly soiled ovens, as these can be cleaned by hand easily enough.  On real greasy ovens then I wouldn’t want the fumes and expense of the heat and damage caused by a self cleaning model.  

The best thing in order to keep your oven nice and clean is to get someone in every now and then so as to give the oven a really good valet.  

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