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Amtico & Karndean Restoration in Manchester

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Are you struggling to keep your Amtico floor clean?

amtico floor polish in ManchesterDirtbusters Manchester have cleaned and restored lots of Amtico and Karndean flooring.  The problem is usually lack of shine, and an overall ‘off’ look to the floor.

This can be especially the case in kitchens where the Amtico was laid with a glossy shine.

The main cause of the loss of lustre to the Amtico – Kardean (also knows as Luxury Vynil Tiles) is wear and incorrect cleaning by the customer.


Todays Amtico cleaned in Manchester

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How does Dirtbusters Manchester restore Amtico floors?

The floor is vacuumed with a powerful machine just to get rid of any surface contaminants.

A special heavy-duty Amtico cleaner is laid onto the floor.

This solution is agitated over the Amtico by use of a machine that vibrates thousands of times per minute.

This process creates a slurry that is made up of dirt and old cleaning solutions left by old mop n bucket cleans.

Dirtbusters Manchester then extracts this dirty water with a wet extraction unit.

The Amtico – Karndean floor is now neutralised with another specialist solution.

The floor is now dried off using ‘Dripods’.

Final step – application of several coats of dressing.  Usually satin or gloss.





Once your Amtico restorative clean is complete –  

We will advise you on what cleaner to use in order to keep your floor looking great for a long time.  It’s no use going to all this effort and then get back to square one by using traditional floor cleaners!

Dirtbusters sealing Amtico floor in Manchester

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