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How clean is the air in your home?

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It may be a surprising fact, but according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air quality in your home and workplace can be up to five times worse than that of the air quality outside.  And, as we spend more than 85% of our time indoors nowadays, that’s a worrying statistic.

Here are some tips on keeping your indoor air cleaner and safer for you, your family and work colleagues.

1- Change your general cleaning products to those of a more eco-friendly nature.  As an example, products such as aerosol air fresheners are really bad for your health.  If there is a whiff in the house or office – eradicate the source.  Don’t just mask it with carcinogenic chemicals.

2- Now Winter is creeping in do you like to light candles?  Well maybe research just what the ingredients are in your brand.  A lot of candles are made with paraffin wax, this is a petroleum by-product that is made when crude oil is refined into petrol.  This, in turn, burns off into your personal space.

3- How healthy is your boiler?  An unloved and unserviced boiler can breathe out carbon monoxide gas that is in the main undetectable (apart from the use of a carbon monoxide detector).  This is of course fatal.

4- A lot of people call me for carpet cleaning services as Christmas approaches.  This usually coincides with decorating.  But, did you know that a lot of paints contain volatile organic compounds?  These nasties can really give you long-term health problems.  So in this case, a little research on the ingredients will go a long way.

5- Plantlife.  It’s a simple thing to do.  Pick up a few pieces of greenery and let them filter the air in a natural way.

So with a little research, you really can help to improve your air quality.

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