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Need carpet or sofa cleaning in an apartment?

Now I shouldn’t complain, but the amount of call’s that I get for my carpet and furniture cleaning service where another company has driven off into the sunset is remarkable.  And, its all down to them not having the correct equipment for jobs that are not easy to reach.

merseyside van mounted cleaner

A lot of carpet cleaners in Merseyside use a van mounted machine.  All well and good as the convenience they bring is magnificent.  No filling them up with buckets of water, followed by emptying the dirty water down the toilet.  But, what if the customer lives in an apartment such as The West Tower in Liverpool, or in a converted house that now flats by Sefton Park?

Portable carpet cleaning on Merseyside

This is no problem for me.  I have invested in a great high powered carpet cleaning extraction unit that really stands up to the most challenging of carpets (even indoor crazy golf complexes!).  So if you live in a flat, the equipment simply gets sent up in the elevator, unless you block is only 3 floors – then it’s up the stairs.

This cleaning contraption is great for any end of tenancy carpet cleaning that need doing anywhere in Merseyside.

Low moisture carpet cleaning

Another piece of kit in my armory is a low moisture carpet cleaning set up.  You will see some carpet cleaners on Merseyside offering this as a ‘dry carpet cleaning service’.

Mainly used in the commercial sector, this is a great choice for a fast drying carpet clean, all be it on light to moderately soiled carpeting scenarios.

No parking for cleaning

As well as being necessary for cleaning in apartments, these pieces of equipment are also invaluable when I arrive at a job and I cannot park close enough to use my van mounted extractor.

So for a great cleaning service, no matter where you live – Call Dave on 0151 448 1797, 7 days a week.

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