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Cleaning for Carpets, Hard Floors, Fabric Sofas and Leather Suites - Dirtbusters are the only 'Which approved' company & rated best Carpet Cleaners in Liverpool

Dirtbusters Family Run Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool

(We clean more than just carpets, see our services!)

Call Dave 7 days a week on 0151 448 1797.

Hello, and welcome to Dirtbusters Professional Cleaning Services your local Liverpool based expert sofa, hard floor and carpet cleaners operating throughout Liverpool, Wirral, Warrington, St Helens & the surrounding areas such as Formby, Maghull and Ormskirk.  If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service. Maybe you have searched for carpet cleaning Liverpool or carpet cleaners Liverpool then you’ve come to the right place. Dirtbusters are carpet cleaning gurus who know how to get things done the right way.

carpet cleaners Liverpool NCCA vetted

Dirtbusters is run by me – Dave Power, and I started carpet cleaning on a full-time basis in Liverpool way back in 2006. In the time that has passed, I have invested in a ton of training, as well as accruing a range of cleaning equipment.

Not long after starting my Liverpool carpet cleaning business, and being asked to by my customers, I added fabric sofa cleaning to the mix, soon to be followed by leather suite cleaning, jet washing and hard floor restoration (Amtico, Indian stone, limestone etc).

Carpet cleaning Liverpool - Which trusted trader Dirtbusters

Beware of cut-price carpet cleaners in Liverpool & Merseyside!

No one can run a business on 50% off, rooms £15 etc 

My customers get a full cleaning service – deep clean, deodorisation, stain removing and furniture moved all for a sensible cost. 

These cut-price carpet cleaning firms are usually out of town franchises, pretending to be from Merseyside – the price is the bait to get into the customers home, the tactic is to raise the price upon arrival.  

You can see this kind of thing if you Google “BBC Watchdog carpet cleaning rogue traders.”


I Don’t Just Do Carpet Cleaning!

Do you need help with hard floor tile cleaning? Could you take advantage of my jet washing service in Liverpool? What about the Dirtbusters Oven cleaning service? Your just a phone call away from a great clean!

Affordable Prices & Eco-Friendly Methods

The methods I use to get things clean have changed over the last few years. Detergent free cleaners are my choice to get great results on carpets and upholstery. I need to use eco (and family) friendly cleaning solutions.

Dirtbusters carpet cleaners Liverpool

We are far more than yet another company of carpet cleaners. We are cleaning technicians passionate about doing a great job!

You won’t find a better range of cleaning services in the entire Liverpool & Merseyside region than Dave at Dirtbusters. We provide domestic and commercial carpeting, upholstery chair cleaning, hardwood floor care–you name it! Whether you’re looking for something as simple like driveway jet-wash service or are interested in an all around deep clean to get your home or office back on track after some time away we’ve got just what you need.



Now that the days of wooden hard flooring being more popular than carpets are fading...
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Our friendly oven cleaning technicians Tal and his son Sam ensure you get a premium...
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Are you looking for great upholstery cleaning? Has your favourite chair seen better...
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If you need a leather sofa cleaner in Liverpool (I also clean leather on The Wirral) then...
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Our friendly hard floor cleaning service will get your floor looking pristine....
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Dirtbusters are a family run business and really understand the importance of customer...
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Guaranteed Quality

Affordable Prices

Free Bottle Of Spotter

About Dave at Dirtbusters – Carpet Cleaning Liverpool Expert

Now if you’re like me and have kids, a couple of cats, some rabbits – we’ll get to the dogs later. You might need someone on the professional side to clean your carpets for real deep-down cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Services Liverpool

From the icky, sticky messes that are all over your favourite couch to those pesky stains on your dirty clothes and shoes – Dave at Dirtbusters has seen it all. He’s got you covered!

Dirtbusters cleaners accept card payments

Liverpool Based Family Run Carpet Cleaners

Imagine coming home to a beautiful, freshly clean carpet and sofa. You can feel the difference as soon as you walk in from being on your feet all day at work or playing outside with friends. Dirtbusters is family owned and operated – we don’t have fees associated with big business franchises that sometimes get passed down to customers like you! We make sure every customer has access to superior cleaning service for an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

I use eco-friendly, green cleaning solutions so you can get your top quality clean without damaging the environment.

I have a no-nonsense approach to cleaning that’s worth the money. I’ll show you why prices like £15 are meaningless when it comes down to the quality of work and time spent, so don’t let them fool you!

I have a no-nonsense approach to cleaning that’s worth the money. I’ll show you why prices like £15 are meaningless when it comes down to the quality of work and time spent, so don’t let them fool you!

No pricing gimmicks such as 50% off, rooms for only £15 etc; my rates make sense and come without any extra charges for items like stain removal or deodorization. All in all, there should be nothing stopping anyone from giving me a call – what do you say?

Made a cleaning appointment?

I’m always careful when I clean – so make sure there’s nothing on the floor or furniture before you call me.  I’ll come in and do all your dirty work, then leave no trace that we were ever here!

There is no need for you to vacuum the carpet, sofa or floor tiles as I take care of that no problem.

If you have pets in the house, please be aware that the front door will be required to be slightly ajar to allow for hoses to connect to my van outside.

The time it takes to dry your carpet, sofa and hard floor tiles depend on a number of factors. Carpets can take up to six hours if they are very dirty or damp from floods but you should be able to walk over them in 1 hour! But don’t forget that the sofas will also need 12-24 hours depending on how wet it is because while carpets soak dirt away, sofas trap everything inside which makes drying much slower.

Important note – If it’s a morning job I like Tea, afternoons I prefer coffee!

Didn’t find your answer?

If you have any questions about my cleaning services, just call me on 0151 448 1797 (7 days a week, 8 am – 8 pm) and fire away. If there is no answer, please leave a message and I will call you back asap.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Quite often I am asked if I use Pure steam to clean carpets or upholstery.  Well the short answer is – NO, as this will only cause damage. Delicate wool carpets as an example will be damaged irreversibly with pure steam, and if anyone attempts fabric upholstery cleaning with just steam, it will show damage with the pile being set in the wrong direction with the steam partially melting the fibres.

I choose the right cleaning solution for the particular job at hand, and there are a few to pick from.  It may be hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning or a low moisture foam clean.  Once the job is seen, the decision will be made.

Please feel free to take a look at the Dirtbusters website, and if you have any questions on carpet or upholstery, hard floor, jetwash cleaning or oven cleaning – or would like to book a clean, call Dave on 0151 448 1797
7 days a week, 8 am – 8 pm.


Dave carpet cleaning in South Liverpool

Thanks for using Dirtbusters!

All cleaning works are to be paid for once the job is complete, commercial customers may pay via invoice as agreed by both parties (usually 14 days)

Dirtbusters Warrington accept card payments

I accept cash, credit – debit cards or BACS

Santander account no70221052

Sort code 09 01 28

Covid 19 Update

I have always worked in a safe manner.  During these uncertain times there are a couple of changes that I have made.

I still wear disposable overshoes, but now I am using disposable gloves too.

Anything I touch in your house, such as door handles etc will also be wiped down (out of courtesy) with a top grade disinfectant.

Please adhere to the current 2 metre distance rule too.

Any questions, then please call me on 0151 448 1797.